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Originally Posted by nc8000 View Post

Beautifull stack and another great looking cable from qusp

Thanks, nc8000. I agree with you on both counts.

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indeed it is an excellent volume control (except for the dinky little knob), plugging the headphones in while its on shorts the signal to ground on the way in and out, so that wasnt an option for me either.


@Jan: yeah i know, but as i would be buying the solo as transport only to feed the sabre, i'm hanging out a while to see if a model without a dac comes out.; for now i'll just stick with the iriver and i like the remote a lot. we'll see how long i last, the idea of having s much more space available is almost enough to make me forget the wait

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See, I really am dense this morning as I did not even equate this wonderful custom cable to qusp.. Dear god in heaven, thank goodness I don't go to the dentist often and thank you for your kind thoughts qusp, first visit in twenty five years where something needed doing and that was just because part of my tooth broke!
Anyway back to subject. I have to wait till next month and have a paypal balance again but could you PM me with the cost of this cable as when I do have a balance I sure would like to order one! Also, do you do the USB cable?

Wonderful work mate!

Paul, thanks for the info, will pop along to Lee Valley this weekend!
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I've been bothered by finding a USB the right length and quality so DIY'd one from another cable I had lying around.




Have to say, it turned out pretty damn fine...




Only 4 wires into the ipod dock connector and wired as per standard pin out.

Pin 16 = Ground (black)

Pin 23 = 5v Power (Red)

Pin 25 = Data -  (White)

Pin 27 = Data + (Green)


Now if I can find me a supply of USB plugs I can give Ken's Copper theory a punt and make a proper custom USB instead of half a one.





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That looks great work spud! I much prefer the doc connector you use to the flimsy standard offering. They are so much more robust. I just wish I was not as hamfisted as I am with this sort of thing otherwise I would give it a go. Still, I have always had the philosophy that let the experts do the jobs I cannot, it saves so much money and trouble in the long run!
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that was all the confirmation i needed, thanks Spud, i wasnt 100% sure it would just be the standard idevice usb pins




thanks for the comments, it doesnt matter how long it has been since actually having a nasty visit to the dentist, the thought instills fear in the hearts of all men

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Exactly same stuff save for ALO cables, but stacked differently: iPod+Solo+Pico.  Held together with one Cypherlabs band.   Rock solid.


Isn't it tricky to turn the volume on the Pico if you have it wedged like you do?


Where's my JH-3A??????

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kiwirugby, volume control access is easy. Like I said, i wasn't sure that it would be but it is.

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I'm recently hooked on the idea of ordering a CLAS, but the show stopper for me, if there is one, is my inability to decide which iDevice to get.  


At first consideration, I was thinking of getting a 7th generation 160 Gb iPod Classic, but after reading the many 1-star customer reviews at Amazon, I'm freaked out regarding reliability problems.  Noisy hard drives, dysfunctional controls, annoying menus, spontaneous reboots, etc.


Which Solo-compatible iDevice has the greatest capacity with no moving parts, or at least with no known reliability problems?  Should I not worry about hard drive vs. flash memory?


What's the scoop?   Please tell me which iDevice to buy for the Solo (something small, not iPad).






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zilch0md, I am having a pretty good experience with my iPod Classic 7. Of course, I'm not relying on it for its SQ which I did not love when I briefly owned it previously as a source. It's also true that this, my second Classic 7G, seems to be more responsive for click-wheel motion than my first. So perhaps there are some consistency issues. (The iPod Video 5.5G was still the best I have tried in that regard.) But really my Classic is working fine with the Solo.


I do think however that the pending 128GB Touch might be the holy grail if you have the patience to wait.

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I appreciate your vote of confidence for the 160 GB iPod Classic 7.  I suppose if I have problem with it, I'll just make a warranty claim.  I like what I read about it aside from reliability - and yes, I too have no concern for its inherent SQ - I would only be getting it for the CLAS.



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I've had my Classic 7G for almost 2 years and it's still going strong. I did have some issues in the beginning (hanging, library got wiped out etc...) but after some firmware upgrade, it's all good.


Nevertheless, I think you should wait a month or two for the announcement of the new iPod Touch. There might be a new iPod Classic too since Toshiba has launched a 220G 1.8" hard disk not too long ago!

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I love the thought of 128gb itouch but assembling it together with CLAS might be challenging.

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Nothing good old velcro won't solve :) Thats how I used to setup my iPhone with the Shadow~

Originally Posted by uelover View Post

I love the thought of 128gb itouch but assembling it together with CLAS might be challenging.


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Thanks everyone!


Will the 128 GB Touch be larger than its lower capacity predecessors?



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