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Originally Posted by Aero Dynamik View Post

I think your question is both very interesting and relevant. What the CLAS and other similar products bring to the table in the form of overall increased SQ can certainly be debated, but unfortunately seldom is. After all, who wants to confess not being able to hear differences in a place like this? For me personally I would be very, very surprised - and would become quite happy too I may add – if I were able to pass a blind test between the CLAS and a simple LOD. For example, I had a very hard time getting along with my FitEar ToGo 334 until I found the perfect ear tips for it, which for me was revolutionary (link to my story here). So, my personal experience thus far is that investing a couple of dollars in the right ear tips may very well be a significantly more rewarding experience than spending several hundred or even thousands of dollars on a separate DAC, AMP, combo, DAP or whatnot.

I think shotgunshane’s advice is indeed a very good one. I.e. “take it out if the chain” once you’ve gotten very used to it. That should definitely answer your question. Also, I do believe how well we hear is very much a matter of training. It may well be that right now the CLAS makes no difference to you what so ever, and that a year later it may well make quite a bit of a difference to you. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean to say you will consider it an improvement of overall SQ, but just that, a difference.

Best of luck and please keep us posted of your findings. Thanks!

To be honest I know people here exaggerate too much wink.gif most of what I read is gives you an impression that you must buy now and you are missing a lot. To include CLAS or not does make a difference but NOT day and night.

For me, with CLAS I hear sparkling trebles, bass is same, mid is same. But CLAS reproduces trebles really nicely. Again NOT day and night dufferent just better.

Question is if it worth $600 ? If you can afford ya you should. smily_headphones1.gif
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I find that w/o either the CLAS or the hp-p1 the iPods output seems flat and dull, lacking dynamics. In my book a no brainer, If the CLAS or amp run out of juice, I listen to nothing. Of course your mileage may vary.
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Generally speaking (YMMV, of course), if one is relatively new to this passion of ours, I don’t think a standalone DAC such as the CLAS is the most rewarding piece of audio gear you can acquire after your first set of headphones. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I think a couple of dollars spent on a pair of decent ear tips (if you’re into universal IEMs) may well be a significantly more rewarding investment for your overall enjoyment of the sound. If one is relatively new to this hobby I think your money is better spent on a decent DAP and/or two or three different headphones with some different characteristics to train your hearing and appreciation of different sound signatures. Ljokerl has written a very nice guide to this end here.

After having watched Jude’s review...

...read about the CLAS –dB on Cypher Labs’ site, and having read some glowing reviews about it, I was convinced that the CLAS would make quite a revolutionary difference to what I had, which was an iPod Touch generation 4 connected to a TTVJ slim through a LOD. Well, I couldn’t honestly feel there was much of a difference, at all, and I definitely felt I wouldn’t be able to pass a blind test. So, yes, I was disappointed. Worse, I also felt a bit ashamed not being able to hear what so many others had witnessed they’d heard, thinking I probably wasn’t gifted enough, or maybe that something was wrong with my hearing. At this point I wasn’t really aware that hearing skills is something you can obtain through training. Without some pretty decent listening skills - again, generally speaking - you won’t be able to hear and enjoy much of a difference from the CLAS.

I haven’t been using my CLAS –dB much at all since I bought it a year ago or so. I’ve been using a LOD for my portable needs, and at home my CEntrance 1 Ohm modified DAC/AMP combo, the DACport, which I think sounds excellent and never am without.

So, talking of this discussion, yesterday I did some quite extensive listening to the CLAS –dB (now a year later and with quite a bit of hearing training under my belt) using various AMPs and IEMs. Well, let me put it this way, I won’t be excluding the CLAS –dB out of the chain ever again! My most significant observation being that with the CLAS –dB no matter how loud I play (within some reason of course) my rig sounds absolutely stellar.


Without the CLAS -dB, raising the volume the sound quickly becomes clogged and actually quite unbearable. To be fair I should also mention that at low volumes (lower than I would normally listen to) I still can’t tell much of a difference. For that, maybe another year of training is needed.

Nevertheless, if you’re somewhat new to this hobby, I still recommend you first spend your money on other stuff such as phones, ear tips, a decent DAP, well recorded music, and if your headphones are power hungry an AMP.

Oh, one really great thing about the CLAS –dB is something that it isn’t, a combo such as the HiFi-M8 or the DACport; i.e. it can be combined with any of my current and future AMPs.

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I guess I need more ear training smily_headphones1.gif and you are right, having separate DAC is better than integrated DAC and AMP because you can pretty much hook up with any other amps (unless DAC&AMP combined device has the amp output).

enjoy guys,
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It also matters with the music you have. The addons make a bigger difference with better recordings. And I do not mean hinrez. Just better redbook shows much more details. However adding just an amp on an iPhone too makes a change .

But adding a class makes it all that much better.
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