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Best 7.1 gaming headset for PS3

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A friend of mine is looking for a 7.1 channel gaming headset that is compatible with the PS3.

I have been searching for 7.1 gaming headsets on Head-Fi for a while now, but it seems like every thread ends with the same conclusion over and over again, that Mixamp is the best way to go. I do realize that this is most likely correct, as most 7.1 gaming headphones actually only have 2 speakers, but something similar to the Mixamp built in that makes it seem as if the headphones have 6-8 drivers. So of course, buying the 2 items (headset and amp) apart would be most likely cheaper and better sounding as companies like Logitech don't make the best sounding headsets, but rather easy plug-and-play headsets. In addition with a lot of speakers built in, the SQ of the speakers is usually bad.

Now to the point, my friend lives in Norway and is therefore very limited to amps (decoders?) such as Mixamp, so it seems as if his only choice is to buy an out-of-the-box 7.1 channel headset.

The headphones will not be used for music listening as both him and I know they will not sound as good as full-sized audiophile headsets.

Could you please come with examples of good 7.1 channel headphones that are compatible with the PS3, and please state their pros and cons.

Price range: 100-250$

Thanks in advance.
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Does astro not ship to norway?  What about amazon?  Other out-of-the-box 7.1 headsets are just stereo headsets with their own proprietary dolby headphone decoders as well.  Of those I'd recommend Tritton AX720 and Astro A30/40 (which, surprise surprise, use mixamp)


There are very few and far between 'true surround sound' headsets that put 4 drivers in each ear, but those have been certified trash for a while now.


If he can't get his hands on a mixamp, he can perhaps try to get his hands on a Turtle Beach DSS, although it does hiss.

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Thanks for fast reply! smily_headphones1.gif

He will be getting the Tritton AX720, as the other two don't sell in Norway, he doesn't want to order from US, for two reasons.
1. Takes time.
2. Customs.

Thanks smily_headphones1.gif
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Sometimes time and customs are worth weathering for far superior quality.  :(

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I would not recommend turtle beach at all, the build quality and so on is just not there.

I would definitly go the the Astro A40 with the Mixamp, They have it all!

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After owning their PX21 (also packaged into DPX21) and hearing their wireless X41, I really wouldn't recommend them either.  Not for shoddy build quality, but moreso for lots of hiss and a muddy sound that puts too much emphasis on bass that bleeds into the mids, and highs that are severely recessed.  It's almost like I'm listening to a pair of skullcandy buds (admittedly way crisper though)


Anyways the emphasis on bass is definitely not ideal for sound-whoring in fps games, but is decently nice for playing through a campaign or something.


I havn't tried the PX5, but it does seem interesting.  I assume the 'presets' it has are just eq, and if you could make your own that really lower bass output, it might be nice.

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If you look around the internet, then you would find a lot of people who just bought some turtle beach product and then you see those you had them for a couple of months and they are all broke. And ofcourse those who have heard other gaming 7.1 or 5.1 headset and immediately realizes that they could have got a Logitech or Astro instead.


I would compare them to the Beat just in gaming ...

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Well the Trittons are infamous for being even worse in build quality (particularly the mic on the 720s becoming loose over time).  I don't know if it was just other people, but my DPX21s never broke in the months that I had them.  Maybe they were set to break the very week after I traded them back into amazon though.  Their loss!  ;)


There are indeed better options out there though, and a lot of the good stereo headphones you can couple with astro mixamp or DSS are built like tanks.

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Originally Posted by Cassiopeia View Post

I would not recommend turtle beach at all, the build quality and so on is just not there.

So I take it you have personally tried the PX5?
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Originally Posted by Croozer View Post

Originally Posted by Cassiopeia View Post

I would not recommend turtle beach at all, the build quality and so on is just not there.

So I take it you have personally tried the PX5?

Ya, my friend had a pair once and the broke pretty fast

After that i did some research ... and it turns out that a lot of people have that problem.

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How do these sound, anybody?
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thanks guys it helps a lot.

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I have the Official PlayStation headsets, but I saw the PX5 the other day and I was thinking of changing it.. Not that there's any problems with the Playstation ones, they're actually pretty good. Now I'm just checking for reviews on whether I should get it or not, any personal opinions?? Should I keep the Playstation ones or should I ditch'em and get the PX5s? The only flaw I noticed so far about the PX5 is that I would have to buy rechargeable batteries.

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They actually announced a revised version of that at E3 this week:

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