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it's happening again..in FF4.0.1: it always says that I've got 1 unread PM, except if I open my PM box and click on "Inbox", then it says 0...but if I leave my PM box, it says "1 message" again.

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Oddly enough, I stopped getting this problem. Actually, it seemed to stop after somebody pm'd me.


I'm going to pm the two guys above; let me know if it stops after that.

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I have gotten this as well starting this morning. However the 1 new message goes away when I go into my most recent PM a 2nd time and it goes to 0 new messages like it should be.

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Using chrome here and have been recently getting this issue. 

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Same happens here, using Firefox 4.0.1 also, email notifications take hours to receive even though they are set to immediately.

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yep, it's back (again)

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yep. +1... Although I'm not sure it was ever gone.
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Are you guys seeing this issue persisting?

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I've actually had the opposite a few times now, where I have messages but don't get the popup until a few page loads later. However, I also browse by dragging links into tabs, so I'm not sure if that may affect things. (using Firefox 4)

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yep, these days it always says "0" when I open FF4.01, but if I refresh the page then I do have messages(but no popup).

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Same pops up everytime I log in standing upside down on the ceiling. rolleyes.gif

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I haven't had any issues here as of late.

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