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First some admissions: ...been lurking in the Stax threads too long and not paying enough attention to this forum; I have a good Stax setup and a SinglePower for dynamic phones. However, I've been out of the portable scene for a while and now want to build a very small, tiny, miniscule system that's wearable for sports and that is as high-end as possible for the size. Files are all .WAV or FLAC mostly from HD Tracks, so it would be great if the player/amp could pass at least 24/96. I realize that the new Apple Nano (which is the size I like) will not pass 24/96 and I still need an amp to add to that (perhaps something about Pico Slim size).


There's also a few of the newer all-in-one player/dac/amps from overseas that might be good IF they sound good. Headphones will probably be the B&W P5 as I don't like anything in my ear except music and comfort is important. The 'standard' that I must improve upon is my iPhone out to the B&Ws, as they do OK without an amp's just that the iPhone will not pass native 24/96 WAVs. With HD Tracks now releasing The Stones, Rush, etc (and if you haven't heard RUSH at 24/96 are indeed missing something) building a reasonably high end 'micro' system has become more of an obsession. So 24/96 (or even 178) native capable ...small, smaller, tiny, miniscule. Able to drive good phones that are no IEs.


W'adya say ....