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Ok, so it sounds like everyone has a preference and a favorite. I confess to already forming a bias towards EarSonics from reading a number of reviews. It doesn't follow that following a majority preference for one product means that I will find it preferable.


So, would anyone caution me regarding this plan?:


Buy EarSonics SM3's to determine if I like their sound signature. It doesn't appear that I would have a problem flogging them on the sale boards. If I like them then move on up to the EM3Pros.


If I don't like the SM3's then I'm really out nothing and will explore some of the other reco's found here on this thread.


The concern I have about the EM3Pros is that when I spoke to a guy at SoundEarphones he said the two models basically have the same guts and you are just paying for the molded case. Is there any truth to this claim? And is it similar with other manufacturers with universals and customs? Like JH and Westone?


Thanks Everyone so far for all the good information!

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