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Current lenco renovation/work in progress, In the process of cloning the Naim Aro in weird and wonderful materials to fit to this deck.




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Nice mark_h, TLC in action!

Talk about strange music... the 2ndH store is relocating and selling at 50% rebate. So how can I resist at €0.50 /pc? I found one of those silly/questionable/wrong folk albums. There was a lot of scribbling on the front cover and all the different handwritings cought my attention. What, why? Then I checked the back; full of autographs. I mean, really full, 8 in all. So if someone went to the trouble of collecting all of those there must be a reason for it. And on the front all sorts of best wishes (and many) in several languages, someone must have had a blast!

So now I'm playing it.... it's recorded 'life' (and live :P) and it has a great atmosphere, like Jazz at the Pawnshop but different music. And to be fair, not recorded in quite the same quality but not that far off. It has Swiss folk music, jazz, Italian etc. It has yodeling that makes you go L3000.gif It's just like a one night vacation.

I looked it up: there are several on sale on Ebay at ranging prices. And, most of them are signed. But not as many autographs as this one has. And this one is mint. Like real Swiss quality.

not my photo

And I got another minty DGG tulips, a nice Westminster HiFi 'natural balance' (not -Gold with the freaky cover), Supraphon (Prague), Columbia-EMI 'studio-2-stereo' and a 'Jan Kool' dutch test-album for testing a stereo incl TT. A nice goodiebag again 8pc @ €4.
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Big Congrats!

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Originally Posted by ]eep View Post

That may all be true but I know no-one in my vicinity that has a phono-stage, let alone one worth listening to. I agree that changing the phono-stage can really improve the sound. But so can changing the phono-stage itself. This is usually a lot cheaper. I used to be dependent on my hifi dealer and had to go by his advice (which was always spot on I must say) but that is a real dependency for an addiction. Once I started deciding and soldering for myself my hobby has become a lot cheaper. And the results have gotten astronomically better. You need experience in listening and vision for what you want, but there is no substitute for modifying to taste. Most of the characteristics you picture is caused by caps. If you can find caps that are redundant (believe me there are!) you have a huge improvement at zero cost. There's no business like showbusiness, and there's no business like snowbusiness. Caps can do a really good snowjob. And there's no cap as clear as no cap.

At the moment I can make 6 distinctly different combinations for the phono mixing tranny, opamps and tubes with all flavours. And I can switch between 2 at the turn of a knob, tranny+opams (without) or with the extra tubestage of the JD9. I can tell you that (contrary to my expectation) the tubes are not the secret ingredient of the JD9.

It seems like your able to get closer to the sound your looking for with home mods. That to me would make sense as a stage manufacture is going to try and make his product for a wide range of applications. Even with dip switches and extra add ons like a dedicated power supply you maybe can only go so far? I know really nothing about this subject even though I have been into vinyl starting in 1975.

I tend to do trial and error change outs and look at phono stages almost as EQ systems, even though I have a feeling it is maybe much more than that.

Still we all know that a new phono stage try out has a level of luck and we are always a little suspect. They all seem to have a different amount of ground hum, and you getting out the soldering iron maybe gets you closer to perfection. If anything it gets you more control over the sound and at a lesser price. I'm all thumbs when it comes to DIY. My last big on my own experiment had me bypassing the preamp all together and trying to use the tiny volume controls on an old phono stage I had. Big mistake as at one point it reacted with a very high pitch feed back and melted the right side tweeter! 🔥
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That to me would make sense as a stage manufacture is going to try and make his product for a wide range of applications.
That is exactly right in the case of the Jolida. It is very versatile. Too versatile in fact. It tries to everything to everybody and in the process of melding all modules together forgot to take out redundancies. Or doubles. I have seen this in many Chinese gear. In order to boast all the 'goodies' they used they forget what is important. It's not whats in there but what it does.

Very often I find circuits that amplify alternated with attenuating resistors etc. It's like a real rollercoaster ride; up and down and up and down and up and down. So all I realy do is take it up with the downs and get rid of to many ups so that I am left with just 2 ups and one down. To be exact; in the Jolida there are 3 opamps in a row followed by 2 doubletriode tubes. For the RIAA you need an RC (an attenuating resistor in the signalpath), but not between the opamps or from opamp to tube. Nor do you need capacitors between every stage. Once the DC is out it's out. And how is a cartridge making DC anyway? So replacing 4 MKT's for 2 PiO, taking out 2 resistors and one opamp (reducing one of the others), and the entire tubestage from the signalpath, gives me a deadquiet unit that has cleared up greatly and still has plenty of amplificationfactor. Without tranny on a 0.4mV MC cartridge it can almost get to the level of my dac (I guess -5dB,so I do miss dynamic range). With the tranny (that does the matching too) my phono is way louder than CD. When the dac needs volume 10 the phono needs just 5. Amplifier being just 8W 1.5 6SN7 + 300B triode.

In hifi the simples way is usually the best way. That is why a dedicated component will perform better than a modular component. And very often the are compromises involved for various reasons other than sound.
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Tesla NC500 (from Czech Republic) after restoration


this model of 1990 and is grandfather Pro-ject series

Czech turnatebles company is probably the biggest world OEM company and his name now SEV Litovel


company produced turntables for another companys (Music Hall, Thorens, Rega)

very bad video


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An excellent primer how to put a turntable for auction on ebay - with pictures to drool : http://www.ebay.de/itm/Pioneer-PL-7L-Japan-PL-90-USA-Turntable-Plattenspieler-Top-Zustand-/281607684255?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&n TONS of pictures inside !


Here the accompanying YT video ( which will last longer than the ebay link which disapears 90 days after the end of the auction ) :



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Nice colors but a mystery.

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Bad camera and different lighting/angles. The color should be more like the blue in the first pic. Thought of taking one with it turned off to show the marbling.

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The mystery continues.

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If you mean the LP it's Sleepy Eyes Of Death  ‎– Dark/Horizon


Turntable is a JVC L-F101


Cartridge/Stylus is a mystery to me too because someone picked up the table for me and I have no manual. :confused_face_2: 



edit: changed link from discogs to bandcamp because it looks like they have it.

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Transrotor FatBob S with TMD, Transroto Konstant M1, Transrotor Phono connect to my Meridian Prime+PSU.





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Originally Posted by yeahx View Post

If you mean the LP it's Sleepy Eyes Of Death  ‎– Dark/Horizon


Turntable is a JVC L-F101


Cartridge/Stylus is a mystery to me too because someone picked up the table for me and I have no manual. :confused_face_2:

Cart is an Audio Technica AT-91 (family) http://www.vinylengine.com/library/audio-technica/at91.shtml . Also rebranded godzillion times.

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