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That's very unfortunate, but this wasn't bad. A good age and with all his family around him. But that is why I say that you better visit old people while they are still alive, there is still so much you can learn from them. They have so much experience. In out society centered on marketing where everyone is young and attractive we tend to forget that all that is so superficial. That is not what makes people interesting. I am volunteering in a house for the elderly so I know. The lack of attention and respect sometimes disturbs me.
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In $ it's a nice enough price. but it's the same in €. And that's not the same price... (almost $900, £599 is even more). It's direct competition is fi a Pro-ject RPM 5.1 or 1Xpression Carbon incl. 2M red. Just for comparison from a European perspective... I don't think that will very complicated.

C-net is really not the best place to get a review of a turntable (or any hifi-equipment) from. This review does not come across as very 'savvy'. Not a word on soundstage perception, detailretrieval or anything that defines a hifi-, let alone, high-end turntable. Al I read him saying is 'tight bass'. Comparing to the SL1200: 'clearer sounding' and in comparison the VPI traveller sounds 'lacklustre'.

The author of that article is Steve Guttenberg and he's been around the audio block a few times, and has been writing about audio for at least 15 years. He's written articles regarding high end audio for multiple publications and websites including Listener, Stereophile, Inner Fidelity, Sound and Vision and others. He's familiar with high end analog.

As far as the article not being very saavy and the lack of audiophile lingo, it's a freaking DJ turntable! His article is not intended to review the TT for audiophiles. I can't imagine most DJ's or youngsters who might be interested in the Pioneer would give a flying frig about "soundstage perception"

It may not have been your intention, but your post comes across as pompous.
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