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It is summer holidays here right now. Peaches and ice cream sounds good... My wife makes some seriously good poached pears with cinnamon! Temperatures just hitting a modest 27C here so currently we have some lovely music listening weather.


It has been an usually chilly and rainy summer here thus far and we had a surprising number of hail storms this season, with hail larger than golf balls. They go straight through some roof tiles and car windows! My peaceful music listening got interrupted 2 nights ago when lightning hit the electricity substation just around the corner and plunged the entire neighbourhood into darkness for around 5 hours. You have to make the good evenings count! :D

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Originally Posted by ]eep View Post

Icecream in winter? Peaches in winter? You should try my stewed pear with raisins and ginger. Bet you never tried that before! biggrin.gif You need a special sort of pears for that, very hard and rather sour and stew it (not cook!) for about 8 hours, with a lot of sugar. Now there is something to eat to help you appreciate winter. This is a perfect picture of what it should look like.

I havent seen or heard the Funk little super deck, but like all Funky stuff I bet it sounds great.

Now I need to get back on soldering my new little phono amp...

Well, Russians tend to eat ice cream in the winter -aand drink hot tea in the summer. Come to think of it, kinda makes sense in equalizing the temperature ...


Funk Firm's tables are a good equivalent of your >peaches< - they are the closest to no mass approach to turntable - and they LITERALLY punch many times above their weight.

Try 170 gram ( ! ) turntable PLATTER ( not mat, NO mats on Funk Firm's tables ) - depending on the LP one puts on, that LP may or may not exceed the weight of the  platter. Catch is in the platter material, which has many more times the damping properties of more conventional platter materials - acrylic included. BTW - it was the same guy that came up with acrylics for the TT platter - then under the Pink Triangle banner.



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I think Funk Firm makes very clever and smart looking turntables (and arms!). I really like the Saffire II, unfortunately I can't afford it at this moment. Ow, I see one for sale on Ebay now for GBP2500. Still can't afford it. :'(
I'm not going to post a picture of something that I don't own, that would pollute the thread. But it sure is a work of art.

Hopefully tonight I'm going to test the little Yaqin tube phono. I can post pictures (but again; wrong thread for that).
@ brunk:
The Yaqin MS12b and 22b are not really similar (the MS22 is the first stage of the 12B) but I can give some pointers. I think the MS12B is a dreadfull oddball design that is an ergonomic FAIL. If you just use it as a phono-preamplifier instead of a preamp lose the volume potmeter and feed the input with a shielded wire directly into pin 2 or 7 of the first tube, earth and shielding on pin 5 (ground, or the closest accessible groundpoint or the wire that goes to the centre of the socket). And the output likewise after/on the output cap and try to find the nearest ground.
Change the caps in the signalpath (those blue blocks from Pilkor, 6 big ones and I guess 2 smaller ones next to the 12AX7 tubes) to some nice PiO's. The output need not be 600V. Not even close. Coupling caps are somewhat in the 200V area. Measure while starting up. Some Russian K40Y-9 will do fine. Or better Sprague, Westcap, Sangamo or the likes.

Here is the scheme for the MS12B. And, oh wonder rolleyes.gif , it has the same stupid error as the 12B. The basic amplification for MM is done in the upper left with one 12AX7 (two halves) followed by a V-dumper transistor. After that point there is a split in the signal: one goes to the output [RIAA fed to the input switch and potmeter] via a big (=expensive) 1uF cap and the other to the RIAA correction feedback loop (all the way top of drawing left) via... another same big expensive 1uF cap. rolleyes.gif If you take the signal for the loop after the output cap the result is the same and you save one cap. biggrin.gif

You can use the same point to feed directly into pin 2 of the 12AU7. After that one there is another 1uF cap.

The small blue cap next to the 12AX7 tubesocket is the coupling 103/AC275V (0.1uF) cap between the two tubehalves. Change this too.

Take out the junk cables with those little white plugs. All you get is corrosion in time and hum from using long PCB traces for ground. Use millspec shielded wire and pick groundpoints closest to the source.

Don't blow all your money on overprices Telefunken tubes. Those 3 caps do way more for your sound for way less money.

The scheme of the first part of the MS12B with the 12AX7 is exactly the same as the MS22B and all you need for MM. The rest is for extra amplification as pre-amp or for medium output MC's, but without the impedance correction.

That was another hour of my time. Hope you can use it.
I shouldn't be telling but selling...
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My Concept and Phonomena II Phono stage


since I don't have permission to post pictures (newbie restriction) I can only post a link



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Welcome and nice picture!

You'll be able to post soon...

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Thanks...looks like a great site ...love the detail people put into things !!!


BTW...The turntable actually sits on a wall mounted butcher block suspended about 2 inches over the cabinet...lol


My wife gave up our formal dining room for my MUSIC ROOM/Man Cave..LOL..she even painted it for me..



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Originally Posted by arcorob View Post

 ...love the detail people put into things !!!



Details...I don't see a place for your beverage! :eek: 

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Too funny !!! Dang...Now I have to redesign the room...

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BTW..Just so you don't think I would dare to have a TV in the MUSIC room (lol) ..Peel back the curtain...That space is for a home made vacuum type record cleaning machine...and the Vinyl of course



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Originally Posted by arcorob View Post

Too funny !!! Dang...Now I have to redesign the room...
I use a spare wooden bookshelf speaker stand as a small table.

Works out really well, cheap, and looks good.
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Originally Posted by Anavel0 View Post

I use a spare wooden bookshelf speaker stand as a small table.

Works out really well, cheap, and looks good.

If you set it up correctly you can isolate your favorite beverage from in-room vibrations and resonances!


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Originally Posted by parbaked View Post

If you set it up correctly you can isolate your favorite beverage from in-room vibrations and resonances!
For all of those people that like it stirred not shaken.
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What a beautiful room. If only the cabinet... kind of iconoclastic granny style in an otherwise modern cottagestyle room (yeah I know, can't keep my mouth shut). The cabinet is a well used piece of furniture though. Quite full.

Just askin'.. is you English?
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No, I am a vintage American...LOL


Actually the cabinet was a LONG search for EXACTLY what you see. I wanted the shelf space for equipment behind glass, the open space was originally for a Pioneer Reel To Reel (didn't need it and built the RCM) ...so the long search. I did not want a press board put together and it had to have the right layout. Found it in Craigslist - Hand built by the owner who was a cabinet maker. Weighs over 400lbs unloaded. So there is NO vibration..lol


The room just works..:bigsmile_face:  My wife not only painted the room but hand painted the archways (yes, all free hand)


since this is a turntable thread, you can't imagine how many tables have been in this room in a 2 year span...some samples


A Dual 721 that I custom made a base



This is a self built turntable - made the whole thing from scratch using parts, DD motor, strobe and an AT1100 arm - 6gram mass and fluid damped


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