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Good cell headset value?

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I've had a pair of KSC-75's for the last few months now, and for $15 from Amazon, they're great. Last month, though, I finally upgraded from my old crap phone to an LG Optimus running Android, and I've been carrying them around with the phone instead of my netbook. Music from the phone sounds pretty good on them, but if I'm listening to music when I get a call, I have to either unplug them or use them and awkwardly hold the phone a few inches from my face. So, I'm curious: is there a lower-cost set of headphones or earbuds with an inline mic and audio quality similar to that of my Kosses?
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the klipsch s2m are very decent for the price. you can get them anywhere from $18-$25 online.

others may reccomend getting a pair of meelec m6p's, they do rate higher than the klisch on joker's "multi IEM review" thread; although personally, I find them irritably sibilant and, perfer the klipsch

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