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Have you heard the Akg K181 Dj's yet? 

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If portable, why not IEMs?

Recently I got Audeo's and I find myself listnening to them more than to M50, even at home. Probably it's mostly due to discovering music presented in quite different way and I yet have to find out what's my take on Phonaks, But for sure they're great and way better for portable use than M50.

Frankly saying, I'd rather take even M9 for walking/commuting than M50.

They isolate way better, thus I don't have to crank up the volume and damage hearing,

they're more efficient, so the battery lasts longer,

cutting out ambient sounds makes me hear more bass and detail,

they are lighter, can be thrown into pocket,

they're rugged and cheap, so I don't have to worry about damaging them,

I'm not into showing off with HPs, and they're better at this :)

good luck!

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@vladimirK702 I'll have a look at the AKG K181 DJs - a few of my friends use AKGs for monitoring but I'm not familiar with that model.


@lorafenik I actually have a pair of Phonak Audeos, their Perfect Bass model (so same earphones but different filters).  Within a month of having the sound on the right earphone is messed.  Starts a bit muted, the high end is muffled, and after 5-10 minutes of listening there's virtually nothing coming out of it.  I contacted the company and I haven't heard anything back in almost a month.  I've been so busy that I haven't pursued it yet, but even when they were working well, although they sound good they weren't nearly as good IMO as the Denon AH-D1001's I had (although they do have much better bass), and when walking I found that they shifted a lot so I constantly lost the low-end.


At this point in time I would much prefer a good quality set of portable, over hear headphones, as my experience with them has been much better than with IEMs.  I just want to do what I can to ensure I get something that's good, worth the money, and along with being portable also has good build quality (as the Denons really didn't, hence not using them anymore).  From what I've read so far it's a toss up between the Ultrasone HFI-780s paired with the Fiio E7 amp or the Beyerdynamic T50Ps.  But I'm still reading up on all the recommendations in here and getting as much information as I can!


Thanks a lot for the replies.

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@vladimirK702 I think the sound of the K181 DJs wouldn't be what I want.  Usually AKGs are known for their clarity and neutral reproduction (at the ones I know/have heard are) and that's more what I am going for than the heavier bass, much more coloured sound that it looks like the K181s have.  Not to say they would be bad headphones but they're not what I'm looking for!

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Ultrasone DJ1




They are selling for like £80 but can't post the discount price on their website, you have to ring them I think to get that price.  Usually £120.

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another option is Yuin G1A. They are the best portables, I've had. I have had a lot of headphones, that was better, but indeed less portable. The G1a is very handy. I couldn't get along with the clip-on system, but I just buy 2$ headphones from the 1980's on amazon, that share the same clip system - and it works out allright. This picture is of the G2a (50$ bang-for-the-buck), but i recommand the G1a - 150 ohm, so it needs a good player or an amp.


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Originally Posted by FragmentedGod View Post

Thanks for the suggestion, I just think they're too expensive.  If I was to get something like that then I wouldn't have the money to get the Fiio E7.  I'm really hoping to find something comparable for closer to the £150 mark so I'd have the extra left over to pick up that headphone amp. 


Is the premium in cost just because they're more portable?  How do they compare to the other headphones I listed?


I'm not ruling anything out yet!

If you are looking to save on headphones because you want to save for an amp, maybe you hsould re-think the idea. Maybe get good headphones and then see if you actually need an amp and if you decide you do, save for some time to buy one.


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what about rare earth magnets how do they stack up against alnico?


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@librarian Thanks, I've had a look at those and they sound pretty good but (and I hadn't really thought about it until looking at those) I know that I don't want clip-ons.


@Szadzik I've been having the same thoughts!  My budget is about the same as the cost of the Beyer T50Ps, including an Fiio E7 amp, but in the long term it does make more sense to get a better pair of headphones that I know will last and intend to keep (hence build quality being a concern).  At the moment I'm really leaning towards those Beyers and I can't imagine I would be disappointed.

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I've been enjoying my Denon DN-HP700 for the about a month now, previously had the Denon D1001. They're not as comfortable as the D1001 but very solid with good clarity and punchy bass.
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The ATH-esw9 may be good for you. 

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I looked into the Denon HP700 and the ATH-ESW9 and I think they'd both be good.  Way too many out there to choose from!  My preference is definitely for good sound quality and clarity, especially in the trebles, so I think at this point I'm going to go for the Beyer T50Ps.  I think they'll do exactly what I want.  And then in the future I can invest in a good portable amp to go with them (from the sound of it something that brings out the mids more).


Thanks so much for all the help guys.

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