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Sorry, I've been seriously missing notifications on this thread... kind of went under the radar for a bit. Please keep me posted though, hopefully I could attend. I've had my Shure 750dj's for about 6 months now, and yesterday my new Sennheiser HD 25-II's came in. I'm not really a firm believer or denier of "headphone burn in" so while I did "burn in" my Shures just for the heck of it, I have not yet done so with the Sennheisers but have gotten a couple hours in them so far.


Not to offend anyone, but if I did come I like to keep my headphones sterile, so I will make sure to whipe them down with something before and after the meet.

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Oh, and one other thing. I was going to see if I could actually do a science fair project testing frequency response and headphone burn-in on brand new headphones. I realize now my Sennheisers wouldn't be suited since I have used them, but my main concern was the measuring device. I know Head Room uses that dummy head/microphone set-up, and I was wondering if there was a facility that offered access to something like that nearby. If not, it was an idea. Or also, if anyone has any information in regards to experimenting the Headphone Burn-In Theory.

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South Florida Meet/CanJam Mini:
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That sounds great tyrion ! ! !  I will be looking forward to that meet !

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Oh sweet. I'm totally in if I can get there. I can bring some HE-500's, D2000's, SR325's, SRH940's, on a Matrix Cube and Lyr for some fun.


Very best,

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