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SE Florida Meets?

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Hi, I've never been to a meet before and as much as I don't mind asking about the details or what happens, I am really interested in trying out some headphones in the 50-100 dollar range. I had my eyes on the Grado SR225i's, but I want to know what else is out there and what there is that might fit me better, or just see how the Grados fair. I can travel as far south as probably Miami and as far north as possibly Stuart, if need-be. I might be able to make the plunge and go farther, but first I'd like to know if there is anything coming up. PS Anything I should know about meets?

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It has been a while since a meet was held in Southeast Florida, have you thought of hosting it yourself? Where are you located?

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I can't, sorry. But if there is anything going on, just notify me and I'll be happy to come. I'm patient enough. Do you know where I can demo a pair of Grados, if I am unable to get to a meeting?


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I am also interested if there is anything going on in South Florida.

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I would like to go. Have not been to a meet in a long time. I'm in Palm Bay. Lets get together



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Posting to sign that I would also be interested in attending the meet. Went to a meet years ago and had a blast. Last meet i went to was like in 2006 or 2007

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Same here, I'm in Fort Lauderdale and would love to try other gear. My rig is being built very slowly as I have a wedding and a house to buy in the next couple months. So far I have an LCD2 and a Audio-GD Reference One DAC, still no amp. I know there are some members in South Florida that have plenty of Woo gear, Little Dot, Schiit, and much more.

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I'd really enjoy a hifi meet. I'm in Florida. Can go anywhere in Florida for the day (or two) essentially. I work weekends though, my best day is probably Wednesday out of the week until December (I work full time and I still take classes). I'll go anywhere within 4 hours roughly for a small or large meet. I don't have flag ship material. But anyone interested in the middle ground, I have stuff (Matrix Cube DAC, Little Dot MK III, DT990, HD580, Pro 900, etc). I'm very free in August Monday through Thursday. End of August, I'm down to only Wednesday for a long distance meet.


So if anyone is interested in meeting in August, I'd be down for anywhere in the State Monday through Thursday.


Very best,

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I think we'll see one in SoFlo in September evil_smiley.gif

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Hi JP, hope you are doing great!

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oh YAHHH.....nummy is coming back to soflo?


I can smell the weekend meets already..


Sorry i missed you last time nummy, mikey told me next weekend and it was during the week, so i figured it was the week after the one coming up.

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^ where have you been? Carl has tried to locate you and Alex to listen to some new gear. Hope you are doing well!

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Hey miguel, long time man =)


Ive been really busy with work and riding on the weekends. I have Carl's number, havent got a message from him, unless he has changed his number. I was working 2 jobs for some time...trying to get caught up with bills and trying to save to buy a condo. I swapped jobs a bit, was working at the restaurant + hotel....then switch from Law firm and hotel i just work full time at the law firm. My office is about 2 miles from mikey's.


We do need to get something together soon, its been way too long. Maybe plan something on case with JP/Mikey.

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