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Looking forward to read it =3

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I've just re-acquired an IE8 to do a proper AB comparison. I should still burn these in further, but surprisingly, comparing the Mius with stock small tips to the IE8 with stock silicon soft flex, they sound uncannily similar. IE8 is on smallest bass port settings, by the way.

I'll do some more listening and comparisons In A proper listening environment, as I'm currently on the go, but these Mius just keep impressing me.

I'll be acquiring a Metro.Fi 220 later today as well, which is what I thought to be the real rival of these IEMs, but so far they really are giving the IE8 a run for their money.

Hmm, the Mius have far more bass than the IE8 at bass port 1. I am gonna try widening the bass port, as it is for bass heads the Mius pull far ahead. Hold on....

edit ---

Based on a preliminary listen, and I don't want to rush this judgement, but actually... These are better than the IE8! bass ports full open, the Mius still have more bass than the IE8. But surprisingly,the Miu's bass is cleaner and nit as boomy or muddy. It's just deeper and has more kick and impact. The IE8 I usually just keep at port 3 or less because going up to 5 introduces sloppiness and at times distortion to the bass. The bass on the Miu's don't distort.

And what's more, they keep a clean sound on the mids even like this. Better than the IE8 at 5. However, now I know why I get fatigued on these. The bass is a bit much for a closed in-ear without vents. I am thinking this is why I get fatigued with these so easily. I wonder if I can mod these by venting them....
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Mochan, try punching a hole on the paper filters being used, it should help reduce the shelling resonance at least by a little bit =)

I'm gonna try venting them when given the chance though =D

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Upper mids too grainy on the MR2. The bass presence sort of makes everything else sound recessed. It sounds like I'm sitting next to subwoofers while everything else is 20 feet away. If I turn it up, the bass will be too loud before the mids are less distant. My pair also has the left side being more quiet. I've burned in my pair for about 150 hours

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hmm anyone else think the mids are grainy and recessed? 


Damn is annoying to find that i enjoy these more than my customs ,I think it maybe the fact that they are more coloured :/.

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The midrange is grainy, a little strident at times. I think you probably enjoy the bass wink.gif


I think I will give these away at a meet

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Mids are definitely recessed, which I believe is part of what gives these IEMs their soundstage.



I am also finding a little grain on the overall spectrum, not sure if it's really grain that's causing my headaches or the massive bass. Likely the latter. Incidentally, I was burning these for the past two days with pink noise and low freq sweeps. The massive bass seems to have disappeared, replaced with tighter bass. Not sure if I am happy with that. :)


The mids are still recessed, but surprisingly are very clear and easy to make out. They are quite well defined, again similar to the venerable Metro.Fi 220, but much more laidback as the MF220 was a very upfront and in your face set. Overall I am really, really happy with these, they are like an IE8, a bit grainier but very similar in many respects, and a worthy "stand in." 


I've been changing up my gear line up to one great headphone and supplementing it with additional stuff, and in the IEM arena I am aiming ot just have one great IEM and the rest are "throwaway" sets like the MR2: cheap but very solid sound quality. The MR2 is so cheap that it's criminal, but I stand by saying that its sound is way beyond its price and it can easily compete with far more expensive IEMs.

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