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miu mr2 pro

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A new product to be released from a manufacture new to IEMs. expected price $49.99


The miu MR2 pro is a dynamic driver


9mm driver unit

32 ohm

1m long ofc cable



came in a very nice box





included is a typical circular iem case that are really common now(one side is hard like shure's old case and one side is soft)

3 pairs of tips in addition to pair already installed

(s/2m/l)(the tips are very difficult to replace inner tube of tips maybe smaller than nozzle)


Very good beautiful packaging and accessories expect the tips.


Build Quality:

Cable kinda reminds me of the jvc fxc50 

cable except thicker

the glue use on the housing was really poor as I was able to remove it in mere minutes without the use of any tools.


The glue problem worries me but even the re0 and head direct has glue issues.



It's about average depending on the tips used.

Included tips do not isolate well.




review equipment:

fubar III

maudio sonica > headroom little

sony d303

meizu m6>cmoy

sony mz510 minidisc


test material:

latest a state of trance

Ken Hirai 10th aniversary album

La Roux - La Roux

Iron Maiden The Final Frontier 

Sarah Brightman Bella Voce



Initially I did not like this earphone. The bass was over powering most of the spectrum like a sub woofer in my head.

and the treble was very rolled off. But the bass was impressive for an IEM some of the lowest bass I've ever heard from an IEM. I dare say that the bass extension is better than that of several full size headphones I've tried.




I ended up dampening the back of the housing with some blutak(I also think the used a softer plastic for the housing because a rigid housing would had created much worst backwave and muddy the bass alot more.)


The MR2 is a bass heavy IEM with a okay midrange and slightly rolled off treble which opens up 

with burn in.. The details were imnpressive it seem to be able to keep up with my jvc fxc50 in that aspect. After significant burn in the bass settles down for more of balanced sound. The lowering of the bass does reveal more of the mids and slightly more highs.


The mr pro2 present a full sounding IEM with balance signature + extra bass.


The soundstage was average and the separation is better than average.


Overall impression:

I believe that they do fit in to the $50 bracket with very pleasant warm sound, but do feel that they lack extension in the highs. Detail slightly below that of the budget buster around it's price point, but does provide a sound signature that is very different. The extra low extension of the bass makes it feel more like a fullsize headphone rather than an IEM, but build quality concerns me.



I highly recommend opening up the back housing and blutacking the back housing

personally I've grown to like them after adding 2 layers of electrical tape followed by a layer of nutty putty(blutak alternative) and 2 layers of painters tape.(this tightens up the bass and gives in a better bass slam)


I retract my reccomendation for bluetak after 6 months these have grown on me but I had stuff way too much bluetack and have snagged a voice coil wire and killed and driver in the process.

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YAY!  They're real.

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Looking forward to your impressions after a little burn in time. Please keep us updated..

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Waiting for mine to arrive.

What's the nozzle diameter on these? Hoping either the SM3 tip or the FutureSonic Atro M8 tip will fit to bring out the treble energy, extension and bass extension.


How does the overall build quality (Cable, earphone shell, cable, cable strain relief) feel? =O

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mine just arrived.   well the packaging sure looks good ;-)


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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

mine just arrived.   well the packaging sure looks good ;-)




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Originally Posted by Zephyron View Post

What's the nozzle diameter on these?



Looking at these, the housing zeems to be a clone of AT's CK9,

thus i suspect the nozzles to be the same as the CK9. Meaning it'll fit regular UE tips, Senn tips, Sony Hybrids, T400s, etc.


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Definitely agreed on the packaging.

Enjoying my pair with the Shure E2 Black Sleeve with the 4mm exit bore ATM Earsonics SM3 eartip ATM, gives the best balance of isolation, comfort and sound for me.

I must say, I'm impressed (but then again, I'm easily impressed)

Its small, disappears in your ears easily, synergizes with the Fuze very nicely, and its wonderfully balanced (slightly forward sounding mids, similar in level to the SRH840 somewhat). On the contrary to what Nagasaki said, I don't think they're muddy at all. While the bass are the focus of the MR2, I don't think the treble takes as much as a backseat as the SE215 (with Shure Olives).

It reminds me of the PL50, but its not as forward sounding nor is it as aggressive. To say the least, its a very polite sounding earphone with quite a spacious sound.Technical parallels can be drawn with the Brainwavs M1 at the moment, but I'll reserve more comparisons and whatnot post a break-in period. So far though, I believe that the PL50 should be more technically capable than the MR2 Pro.


The MR2 Pro sound very well balanced to me, and while the bass is the primary focus of the earphone (has quite a bit of rumble presence on it), the other frequencies don't sound lacking. The mids, while forward, are rather dry, and the treble doesn't sound offensive in any way, making listening to the earphones easy =)


Faults with the earphone so far would lie in its driver flex, and while its soundstage has decent depth, its width is pretty average, I haven't tested for height yet with my games however. Instrumental separation is decent, but could be better overall. It'd also be nice if the earphone came with a neck slider, lotsa spare space between the chin and the Y-splitter there =O


One thing I do wish for though, is for the lower bass levels of the earphone to be slightly quieter so as to give the earphone better 'black values' (contrast). <- Fixed with the SM3 Eartips, not so much of a rumble now compared to plain presence, trebles got slightly tamed though, mids stand out better, and aren't as dry.





Just gotta say that while its not as technically capable as the Klipsch Custom 3, I enjoy the MR2 thus far better than the KC3 due to its more engaging sound sig and ease of use =)


From a frequency sweep, they seem to be accented a little at the 8-10kHz mark, and rolls of gently from the 12kHz mark all the way till the 17kHz mark. 18kHz is audible with highly increased volume levels, but the 19 and 20kHz levels are pretty much black (my hearing is still effective up to 19kHz)

More to come after breaking the earphone in =)

PS: One severe caveat of the earphone seems to be its driver flex. Lotsa crackling =O

ADD: Pairs up very nicely with the Cowon D2 sans EQ! =D

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Originally Posted by Zephyron View Post

I must say, I'm impressed (but then again, I'm easily impressed)

Just received it this morning. I am pretty impressed by its sound as well.


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Tai: Very much looking forward to your initial opinions =)

I'm just burning mine in with a mix of different music right now =D

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okay maybe muddy was not a good description. I still feel they aren't as resolving as I am used to.

However I do find these very pleasant with with older classic rock, vocals, jazz, and anything acoustic.

definitely not good for electronic music.

I guess my main complaint is the lack of treble energy.


frankly I don't think these would suit my current taste in music


I sorry for my poor reviewing ability

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Naw, don't worry about it. All of us are kinda accustomed to different sound sigs.

Some like it if its analytical/energetic, some prefer a mids focused presentation, some like it bassy, some like it warm, polite, aggressive etc. Not one earphone can satisfy everyone =)

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I'm just worried I giving them a poor review because it doesn't suit my taste. Most people put a lot of value on the first post of a review thread.

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Originally Posted by Nagasaki_Kid View Post

I'm just worried I giving them a poor review because it doesn't suit my taste. Most people put a lot of value on the first post of a review thread.

Write what is true to your heart, and let people decide how to make up their own mind. The will be other review, and you don't need to agree about them either.

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