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Little Dot MkII - AKG K701 - Am I missing out?

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So i currently run Spotify -> V-DAc -> Little Dot MkII -> AKG K701


Is the Little Dot MkII letting me down? There is an itching annoying feeling that I'm missing out big time. I know they are hard to drive but it sounds like i'm way off the mark of the true potential of these headphones.


If so any recommendations to upgrade or any tube rolling?


Overall I am happy with the set up but I don't want to be wasting my headphones potential.



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I listened to the K701 on my MkII before, twice and they had varying degree of pad wear. The new pads and my old DAC-AH had a deeeeeep soundstage with the vocals in front of my eyes. Although on Epica's The Classical Conspiracy, there was something weird. Normally in most other cans the orchestra was staged behind the band or mashed up with them if what you're using can't stage and image well; the K701 with new pads put them ahead and below the band, like they were performing in a stage set-up like the Oscars where they had the orchestra in a pit. The old pads with a Keces DA-151 though was a lot like the HD600 in terms of tonal quality and staging/imaging; if anything it was very slightly deeper, with the vocals in some cases just in front of my eyes. 


MkII by the way isn't too 'dark' and coloured for a tube amp, but I personally think it has just enough current to be decent with the K701. The only cans I've tried that really had the MkII sounding blunt at the treble was the K66. Even the HD600 just sounds smoother with it but no audible roll-off vs straight out of my Marantz CD60's hp out.

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Hmm, OTL tubes plus K701, not the most ideal match.  Why not give the M-stage a try?  



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Cheers for the comments. I noticed in your Sig you have the WA6 for your K701. Heard some really nice things about this Amp. You think it is a worthwhile upgrade to the Little Dot MkII?

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I've never heard the LD MKII, but the WA6 is fantastic with the K701s.  I've only had mine a short while though, but I already know I like it better than my previous SS Audio-GD FUN.  I think the FUN's probably similar to the M-Stage.  


I'll be hearing a LD MKIV SE with the K701s the first weekend of May so if you'd like, I can get back to you on how the WA6 compares.



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That would be amazing. Again I have heard good things about the SS Audio - GD fun with the AKG K-701 also so will be looking forward to seeing what you think about the LD MKIV compared to the WA6.


Thanks again. 

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Cool.  Will update.

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I just realized the MK IV is an OTL too.  It would probably be best to stick with transformer-coupled designs like the Ming Da 84C07, Elekit TU882 or WA6.  Check those out.



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