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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for im590 and Klipsch S4, I don't know which one is better for me.

Usually I use iPhone4 and iPod nano for listening, and most of time I listen POP and Rock

80% of my entire songs are female vocal (especially rock musics)

so i need an earphone with great bass and nice highs


im590 looks great when i read the reviews, but a bit worry about the durability of its braided-fabric cord

(I use earphone a lot when i go out, and i always put them in my clothes' pocket)


S4 has great bass, but some reviewers said the highs isn't good if compare with others in this level of price.


ue, some reviews said it has good performance in bass and highs, but I'm not really sure if it is really as great as they said with this cheap price (around $40 and something on Amazon)


anyone who can gives me some comment?

it will be great if you guys have your own experiences on these earphones

thank you for helping me :)