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It also depends on your circumstances. I have heard amazing speaker setups. 

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I do more listening on speakers because headphones fatigue my ears alot quicker. Besides the ear fatigue, my experience is that my Denon d2000's sound alot more detailed than my A5's.

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Originally Posted by tyoung8 View Post

Speakers will beat headphones any day of the week.  Entry level/mid speakers rig will sparkle out all the high end headphone rig.  If portability and isolation don't matter than get those Audioengine A5.


I think the only thing maybe in terms of competitive gaming.



I am not quite sure where you got this impression from? Tbh it is about as incorrect as conceivably possible...


Low / Mid level speakers will be quite a bit inferior to a good pair of headphones in terms of things such as accuracy, detail, distortion levels etc.


To get speakers of relative quality to headphones you would have to spend at least 5x the amount on speakers / accessories / room treatment....


I am not a headphone fanboy BTW I like speakers just as much or more but the statement you made is simply incorrect.


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Once I begin to own a home (or a well isolated room), I'll switch to speakers.


But as things stand right now, I can't go speakers because it will annoy my neighbors.

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I have owned/heard a vast assortmen of speakers from the Cervin Vega XLS-215 that i own, to proper hifi speakers with 20.000$+ pricetags, and i must say, all of them have faults, I would love them all, but chosing one of them is impossible: No speaker i know of is versatile enough to reproduce bass like the 4 15" subs of the Cervin Vegas, mids like a B&W diamond series and treble like Dali's top tier speakers at the same time, each of them shine with a specific sort of music, like most headphones - But i can cover all my favorite sound signatures with 3 cans for a price of 4000$ (custom jobs) where as with speakers it would cost closer to 100.000$ to satisfy my tastes in music, so prefer my cans for most of the listening and then i just chose the speakers that for a reasonable amount of money are best at the music i like loud'n'proud (Metal, electronica etc.) which is the Cervin Vega top model. So basically you just get much more for your money, but when you compare a 1500$ headphone to a 5000$+ speaker with similar sound, they will be equally well sounding (most likely) but in different ways - so its down to your preference and wallet-size.


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If we're looking in the $1,000 and up range, then loudspeakers might be a consideration...but then there's the whole issue with the room those speakers are placed in. That room needs to be treated, and not everyone has an ideal room in their homes to convert to an ideal home theater.


But the one thing that has made me not bother with loudspeakers for home use? Binaural audio. This is the closest I can think of to getting a 3D sound space, and it shines with better headphones. Loudspeaker formats are still largely limited to 7.1 at the moment, which is 2D at best (no height differences between speakers). Sure, there's nothing stopping someone from putting a loudspeaker in every nook and cranny of a room, but that's a cabling nightmare right there, to say nothing of the lack of media support.


Why am I so concerned with a 3D imaging space, you ask? Gaming, that's why. Playing with CMSS-3D Headphone on and configured properly for the first time was a revelation. I could hear almost exactly where sounds were coming from, even above or below in games with proper 3D audio renderers (meaning DirectSound3D or OpenAL, NOT XAudio2 or current FMOD versions that plague the industry these days by pre-mixing to speaker formats and not offering binaural options), and all I needed was a set of half-decent headphones. It then set in that the big deal about those Aureal Vortex-based cards back in the day wasn't really A3D, or the wavetracing, but the simple fact that they had popularized binaural audio over headphones in games for once. (And then Creative squashed them. What a shame.)


Yeah, I know, most games aren't exactly a source of hi-fi audio, especially with PC gamers just sticking to integrated motherboard audio codecs and so forth, but it's not like I can't enjoy quality music on the side...and this vintage Stax Lambda setup of mine gives me BOTH the 3D imaging (with CMSS-3D Headphone enabled) and that high fidelity for serious music listening, all at a mere $250.


Perhaps there is a speaker setup somewhere out there that does all I could ask for and then some, but I haven't had the chance to audition it.


(So what brings me to the High-end Audio forum, then? This is where all the Stax talk is, and I don't just mean the flagships I have no hope of affording any time soon.


...Oh wait, general Headphones (full-size) forum, though given the subject matter, it sounded like the money-is-no-object High-end Audio forum.)

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I like the echoey sound speakers make when I shut the windows and door.


I listen to music w/ headphones, but w/ speakers I get to feel the music tongue.gif

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I agree that by far the best way to play PC games is with headphones....


I think games are best with headphones , music is best with either depending on time of day, situation etc.


And films are best on external speakers.

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Originally Posted by dadab12 View Post

It's so different to me, When I listen through my headphones I'm in a different place, It's more intimate and less engaging than speakers.

It relaxes me and make me think. 

Generally when I listen to speakers it makes me wanna dance rather than listen to in. Honestly but that's just me.

they have different purposes and each have their strengths and weaknesses there's nothing better just a matter of preference.

Am the same way but didnt realise it til recently. With speakers it makes me want to start exercising or cleaning my studio apartment. With headphones its more disconnecting from the outside world and i can immerse my mind completely in what am doing especially if its playing computer games. And like others have mentioned headphones are much more detailed bringing out the full experiance of games compared to speakers. Just today i was playing some COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERALS and it was amazing how i could clearly hear the screams of dying soldiers with plenty of bassy explosions on my Audio Technica Ath Ad700 headphones. With speakers the screams were nowhere as audible unless i turned the volume way up which would mean turning down the bass on my Onkyo Tx-8555 stereo reciever lest i bring some unwanted neighborly elderly attention my way.


The way things are shaping up i'll probably be using my speakers more for music and stick to headphones for gaming. And yes if i had my own house all to myself i would still use both speakers and headphones. Speakers would definitely be a bit louder to fully enjoy the details unlike now where i have to practice consideration in my studio apartment.


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I use my headphones for making music and with them I feel more adventurous because with speakers I'm constantly thinking, well that sounds like crap, i hope nobody heard that...

Also I'm really afraid of how much I would spend if i started getting into a hifi speaker setup, headphones are my way of holding back.

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Originally Posted by sexiewasd View Post

I use my headphones for making music and with them I feel more adventurous because with speakers I'm constantly thinking, well that sounds like crap, i hope nobody heard that...


Ha ha the same thought enters my head. Thats why i always on a first listen of a new cd or when installing some mood enhancing movie soundtracks into my roleplaying game music folders (FALLOUT 3,MORROWIND,OBLIVION etc) i always use headphones. It also helps me focus and see things as they really are without being self concious so i can get the right combination of music in the game folders or see a song for what it is instead of what other people may take it for especially with my odd tastes in music.


As for going overboard on audio equipment am on a limited income yet i was able to get a setup which has really made me happy-


Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever- $300.00 on sale earlier this year at Amazon

Insignia Bass Reflex speakers-     89.00 at Best Buy this past summer. Now the price is even lower at $69 and change.

Intel 2.5 quad core pc with 2 gigs of memory, 500 gig harddrive, Radeon 8770 video card for around $700.00 about two and a half years ago. A do it yourself job done by my brother in law cause am so pathetically lazy though i could easily do it if forced to. I hope i never am ha ha.

Samsung SyncMaster E1920 Monitor for around 170.00 at TigerDirect.com

Audio Technica Ath Ad700- 108.00 at J&R Music World







Total- $1,367



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