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 Hello guys, im new in this forum and need your valuable knowledge, recommandations and help.

 Listening almost all kind of music, expecially ambiant, electronic, metal, rock, alternative. And based on my previous experiences build is also really important point, cables must be flexible and sturdy.  

 First, i read a lot about iem's from forums (also clieOS's and ljokerl's multi review topics) and reviews in the past week about the price range im talking about and came with couple of ideas:



 - Sunrise Xcape Ver2 
 - HiFiMan re-zero

 - Fischer Audio eterna 
 - Shure SE215
 - Brainwavz M3

 This iem's are not essential, im all open to your suggestions. 

 After i read about negative comments on Sunrise ver2 i gave up on them, also about fischer there are many different opinions about build quality and sound. About HiFiMan re-zero some people say you need an amp to get quality but even so i decided on re-zero. But on the site, i cant reach anybody by msn contact info nor e-mail info. Because i have to ask seller the return shipping charges would be covered by them in case they send me a faulty headphone. This is important to me because im living in Turkey and if i pay for some ridiculous extra shipping charge those headphones price goes to 200$ or something. I have an experience through one of my friend but it was we were dealing and they have excellent customer service so covered the extra charges which is their fault. 

 So if cant reach re-zero i can change my mind and you lead me on other iem or hope somebody answers from head-direct. thanks in advance guys. so long..

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