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So I have been looking around and looking at many of the multi IEM reviews, but I still can never come to a decision. One big reason why I can't is because I always see people fall back to, "There is no best IEM, it just depends on what the person is looking for." 


So I'm here to ask for help, to find the right IEM for me. 


So to begin with, the price point. I'm looking for a pair that are around $100, but I would like to keep it under. Secondly and most importantly, the sound I like. I enjoy headphones with a nice, deep, smooth, textured bass. Yet with nice clear, mids and high's. The hardest part, is that I listen to all music. From classical, jazz, techno, heavy metal, and even ambient. But lately, I noticed I do enjoy a warm, full sound, compared to that on the other end of the scale of the cold and clear sound.


So basically, a pair of IEM's ~$100, with a warm and full sound signature. With nice, smooth, textured bass and nice clear mids and high's. But not harsh.


Hopefully, these headphones will be paired up with an S:Flo2.


I also forgot to mention that I am currently looking at the Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass PFE 012.


EDIT: Sorry, i did not realize this posted twice. If an Admin would be so nice as to delete this, it would be much appreciated.

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