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I have a Squeezebox Touch and all my music is in FLAC format. I have no way of getting a demo so your opinions, experiences and suggestions are all that I would rely on. Here are the two scenarios:


1. SEVERE fear of flying and that's just about the only time I use my iPod Touch 4th Generation. I read quite a few things here and it seems that the Shure SE535 are being praised all over. I hope it can reduce the drone of the engines to give me some relief during flights. If anyone has tested this combo during flights and can share their experience to guide me, they will get a ton of prayers every time I get out of a plane I promise. 



2. At home I am very happy with the convenience that the Squeezebox touch provides. However right now it is connected to Fred Flintstone's Harmon/Kardon AVR70 (all analogue) and 99% of the time Sony MDR7502 (don't ask) are what I have over my head. Again after much research, the Benchmark DAC1 seems to be liked by a lot of people. So, Squeezebox Touch>Benchmark DAC1>Shure SE535. Should I part with about US$1500? 


The music I listen to is Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, U2, Cream, Eric Clapton and the likes. FLAC files ripped from my own CD's. 


Your guidance will make all the difference for this humble newbie.


Many thanks!