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For Sale: B&W P5

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For Sale:
B&W P5

Will Ship To: United States

I know these headphones are divisive. Some people love them, a lot of people seem to hate them. If you're one who likes them, you can get a good deal on lightly used B&W P5s.

I almost never use them anymore since getting a pair of Triple.Fi 10s. The earbuds are just more convenient for me. I happen to like the P5, but they're just sitting around the house so I figure I'll get a few bucks and let someone else use them.

They're obviously sold AS IS. I've used them a lot for a few months and then not much, but they are used. That's why they're half off.

I'm going to sell these on eBay this weekend if no one wants them here. I'd rather they go to some nice Head-Fiers than random people on eBay.
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hi there...

i would like to buy your P5...



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Thanks a lot folks. That was really fast. I have at least one buyer on the line, and another who is serious about it if the first falls through. These are basically sold, but if not, then I will update the post later tomorrow and let you all know. Thanks so much for the interest!
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