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Hi all, i'm currently looking to buy a pair of headphones to replace... wait for it... the apple earbuds haha.


My usage for this headphones will be 80% rap, and 20% other kind of music as rock, pop, rnb.

I really want to buy something good for one time. I am able to spend 200 bucks.


- I want really good bass if possible.

- I prefer circumaural headphones, if possible not too giant

- Noise isolation as much than possible

- I will use them both outside and at home

- I will use them with an iphone and no amp

- Im mostly listening eminem, dr dre, t.i, all that kind of stuff.


I have been searching for quite a good time now, and those are my ideas :


- Seenheiser HD438, but they dont seems to have enough bass according to reviews

- ATH- M50s, but they arn't available where i am ( australia ) and i want to buy it in shop as i need them quickly.

- Denon D1001 ? I dont really know much about them, you reckon they are good for rap ?



I think i have miss a lot of stuff so, if you have any ideas.


Thank you




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