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Anything to consider before I buy some M50's?

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I'm going to be getting my first real pair of headphones soon and have pretty much decided on the ATH M50's. They're in my price range, I've heard good things both sound and comfort wise, and I like the looks of them. They other big option for me was the Shure 440's or 840's, but the M50's came out on top of that one. I just thought I'd ask if there's anything to consider that might be a deal breaker for me, like any big drawbacks or other headphones I should look in to?


Just some background: I'll be playing them mostly with an ipod, I don't listen too loud, I'm not a total bass head, comfort is a big factor for me, and I mostly listen to pop punk, rock, alternative, hardcore, and rap.


Thanks in advance!

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Have you considered Grados?
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have you considered the Superlux headphones?




They go very about half the price and are arguably the best bang for your buck headphones.


Plus they have been compared to M50's as well as having at least same sound production and match up with the AD700's

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Since comfort is important for OP, I'd not recommend Superlux due to their stock pads.

Out of the box, most of AT's cans as well as Grado's would be better comfort-wise. Also consider Sony's XB line, Denon, and prolly CAL!

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M50s will expose how horribly most pop-punk is mastered. They make The Offspring's (only pop-punk I really enjoy) heavy-distorted guitars sound completely digital (like midi/synth digital) and punchy-distorted guitars sound like wet farts. They also drown Dexter's voice in white noise. Pop-punk is meant for stock Camry speakers, not at all good for ANY kind of decent drivers. Other than that you will LOVE them!
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