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Can you disable the crossfeed on the Corda?
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Yes, one of the switch connections bypasses the whole crossfeed circuit. Since I don't actually own a Corda, I'm just going by its schematics:

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Possum is correct, Corda's crossfeed can be turned off. This is true of Headroom's crossfeed as well.

I find the percieved bass from the Corda's crossfeed is usually about the same as with the crossfeed off, but on some recording, often the ones that most benefit from the crossfeed, there is a slight percieved bass loss. The Headroom crossfeed has a bass boost as part of the crossfeed processor, so the bass usually seems boosted, but maybe it's about right on those recordings that sound a little lighter with the Corda's crossfeed. The ideal situation is to have the option to boost the bass or not. Since neither of these units provide that, for me the next best thing is to not have the bass boost. The schematics for adding the bass boost for the Corda are published for those who want to do a mod themselves.

By the way, the Headroom crossfeed also cuts the treble, unlike the Corda. Headroom provides a filter switch on all of their models except the Airheads which restores the treble back to normal, or at least very close to it.
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Corda in general

Hi Kurtw,

Sounds like you really like the Corda. It also sounds like you have heard many headphone amps, - would you say that the Corda is pretty much the best in that price range? Have you heard the Headmaster? (I know it's double the price).

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Hi sordidman,
I do believe that the Corda is the best in it's price range. I say that without ever hearing the Creek, because when I talked to people that have heard both, the Creek didn't better the Corda and the Corda has the advantage of having crossfeed, variable no less. I did hear a MG Head with NOS tubes that I might have preferred and it's in the same price range. It's got the tube sound that I like but doesn't have the crossfeed and it's had some issues with quality, so the Corda would get the nod if only because of the crossfeed and reliability. However you can add the crossfeed fairly cheaply if you have some DIY skills.

I have a Headroom Maxed-out-home, and without crossfeed enabled on either unit I prefer the sound of the MOH, which I find more airy and transparent. However, the MOH is 3X the cost of the Corda, and I like the crossfeed in the Corda better and I always use crossfeed, so that's a vote for the Corda.

Unfortunately I have not heard the Headmaster. It's a all discrete design with no op amps with impecable build quality with the flexability of additional inputs. From what I've read it sounds like it's very transparent but maybe not as musical and relaxing as what I would want from an amp.

I just ordered a Berning microZOTL which I'll get in a few days. I have heard one before and was quite impressed. I would like to hear it against the Earmax Pro but that probably won't happen. I plan to use it with an external Corda type crossfeed circuit. From what I remember in comparison to the MOH it similar but more liquid and relaxed without giving up much detail and intensity. It's in the same price range as the Headmaster but I believe it will be more to my liking. Tubes do the sound differently than solid state, and I generally prefer the sound of tubes.

In summary, for me I think the competition with the Corda at that price is really a rolled MG Head with an external (or perhaps added internal) crossfeed circuit. You have to judge for yourself what sound you're after and what goes best with the rest of your equipment.
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Hi KurtW,

Wow. Thanks a lot for the detailed run-down. Your analysis was incredibly helpful. It is especially helpful as I am finding that it's difficult to audition many headphone amps; so detailed explanations such as yours are very valuable.

Thanks again....
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