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corda crossfeed feature - has anyone tried it?

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I've been listening some CDs with 'perfect channel separation' so to speak, via headphones, and - well - yes, it is so unnatural when suddenly you have a complete silence in one ear (is there something wrong with my headphones or my ear got clogged?), so I wonder if crossfeed feature such as the one implemented in Jan Meier's Corda headamp would do any good. Has anyone tried it?

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Yeah, I have several cds like that (notably, Beatles cds) and it is extremely annoying. And yes, the Corda crossfeed will solve it, as will other crossfeeds such as Headroom's.
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When I bought the Corda I was expecting just about what you are looking for. I wanted to ease the channel seperation on some of the recordings that made me feel crosseyed. And yes, it certainly does that especially with the higher levels of crossfeed. But I find myself using the low level of crossfeed constantly. Here is an example:
One night I was lying on the floor listening (my favorite place, to stretch out my back) and I was getting a whopping headache. This was with no crossfeed. Just by chance I turned on the lowest crossfeed setting. Almost instantly the headache disappeared. And suprisingly enough the sound was VERY similar to the sound without crossfeed (the difference is fairly hard to tell).
There is absolutely no doubt that this low level of crossfeed on the Corda WILL add to your listening pleasure, enjoyment, and comfort. I would wholeheartedly reccomend it. I never turn it off.
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Whenever I listen to music with headphones but without the crossfeed, I find myself saying oink-oink Crossfeed is the only way to go.

I have a Corda where I always has the crossfeed enabled, usually the first level. I built a box with the Corda crossfeed cirucit in it and use it with another amp, a Headroom Maxed out home, because I like the corda crossfeed better. I was going to make a switchable crossfeed in the box but ended up with the first level (1k ohm, in parallel with 470nF with 2.2k ohms between channels),fixed, because as Jan himself says, this covers 90% of the requirements. The simplier you can make things, the better off you are.
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crossfeed a must

Crossfeed is extremely well implemented in the Corda, and I always use it. There seems to be no downside to it.
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I always have the crossfeed on also, usually at the medium setting.
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Corda crossfeed = good.

'nuff said.
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thanks to all - and a question about Headroom crossfeed

Thanks for all the replies, folks.

To chych: Yes, the Beatles recordings (at least some of them) give the more pronounced 'oink-oink' effect.

No someone has mentioned that Headroom headamps also have crossfeed. Funny, I couldn't find any information on their site. Can anyone tell what are the particular models which implement crossfeed? The reason I ask is that ideally this should be a portable headamp.

Or I may just wait till the portable Corda is available.
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read this: http://www.headphone.com/EditorialHe...WhitePaper.asp

and both the headroom airhead and total airhead have crossfeed.
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Whenever I listen to music with headphones but without the crossfeed, I find myself saying oink-oink
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Does anyone know if the Corda crossfeed the same as Jan Meier's Bass Enhanced Natural Crossfeed found in the DIY archives from Headwize? Thanks.
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yes indeedy.
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i believe the xfeed in the corda amp is the regular xfeed as featured in his headphone amp article, not the bass enhanced one.
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I think Skippy is right - the percieved bass with the crossfeed turned on with the Corda is less (only by a small amount). The enhanced bass circuit would normalize this effect, and it doesn't.
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oh, whoops. my mistake.
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