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I'm currently looking to purchase an amplifier to use with my xbox for gaming, and my laptop for music, which I plan to upgrade to the HRT music streamer +within a year (i hope) The little dot mk x series looks good in terms of price, and potentially, performance. My concern however, regards the price of the amps, and the performance I'd get.I currently have a relatively old technics sa dx940 that im using because it sounds better than the DAC in my monitor for xbox, but the treble is recessed and grainy, the bass is muddy, if a bit bloated, and it just doesn't sound (trying to quantify what i hear)... "dynamic". Thing is, this is still selling for 100 bucks or so, and if this is a 100 dollar amp, knowing the way things work in hi-fi audio, i might need to go to a higher price bracket than the 200 dollar mk IV. So, any opinions on the mark four, and any recommendations at this price point?