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I'm looking for new headphones up to the price of $150.
I'll be using it mostly while I'm out, so they should look good. Also looking for strong bass, and I'm not after noise cancelling either.

I've been leaning towards the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and i love the look, but I've heard its too chunky to wear while going out.
I've also been looking at the Pioneer SE-MJ31's.

I've seen ATH-M50's sell on amazon for around 130, but since I live in australia the warranty may not be valid.
Although warranty wont really matter to me if the headphones are sturdy and last at least a year. Are the M50's or SE-MJ31's sturdy? Do they last long?

Which one do you suggest?
I'm also open to other suggestions. Keep in mind that I may not have access to some headphones.

EDIT: I have a small head, so that's why im concerned about the size of the M50's.


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