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Looking for some new IEM's

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I'm looking for a decent set of headphones in the approximately $30 price range. From reading around the forums a bit, as well as Joker, and ClieOS threads, I've found the Meelectronics M6/M9's, as well as the Brainwavz M1. Are there any other notable IEM's in this range? The use would be for my Sony S639, Sansa Fuze, as well as for my laptop listening to mostly rock (both heavy and some lighter stuff). I'd like to have decent separation in the instruments (don't know if I'm wording that right, but I'd like to be able to pick out each instrument fairly detailed). I'd also like clear vocals. I guess what I want is something balanced. Good mids, decent bass. Maybe a little on the warm side? I'm not all to sure with describing sound in words.

Thanks for your help everyone. I know there's a ton of these posts everyday.
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No suggestions?
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If money is tight and you only have $30, I'd personally just go with stock buds, or portapro.  I don't think this is IEMs of noticible quality upgrade at that price point.  If you have a Sony, I would go for RE0, but its like $80.

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Well the thing is, my stock earbuds are starting to go on me. If I could stretch my budget up to $50 or so, what would you recommend then?
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If you are ok with over ear, go with Koss portapro.

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If you don't mind refurbs


you could always go with the Monster deal and grab a set of Jamz ($40) or Turbines ($50)

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