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For Sale: For Sale: Apogee Duet

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For Sale:
For Sale: Apogee Duet

Will Ship To: Con. U.S.A.

I have a year old Apogee Duet for sale. As you know it is a Fire-wire Mac only DAC/Headphone amp.


As you can see it is in great condition, working perfectly. I have all the original packaging, cables and software (comes with Maestro).


There is a very tiny rub mark that is slightly darker silver right on on front facing corner, it is too subtle to show up in the photo (second photo) Not really noticeable unless you are looking for it.


The reason I am selling is that I am trying to build a system around the HD800 (and a Dt880/600) and am selling off my other gear.


You will not find it under $495.99 new, I am asking $Sold!

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PM'd mate! :o)

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Replied to all PM's.


Still available...

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Fantastic DAC and the amp portion is a decent performer as well!  What a deal!  Somebody buy this now! :)

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