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Quality In-Ear for less than 30 dollars?

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I went to Amazon Clearance section and saw some cheap IEMS




80 dollar IEMS for 25 dollars? 



Are these any good? 


My budget is 25-30 dollars and the in ear phones i am using right now are apple ones and 10 dollar marshmallow in ear headphones. 


Im not used to buying online but i think this sale saves me about 50 dollars? are these worth buying?


If not can anyone direct me to some others in that price range?






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Check Jokers IEM Thread for other options, but the M6P is hard to beat at $20.

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Ok thanks but the ones you listed have pretty bad reviews about the sound quality on amazon.


and on jokers thread, most if not all IEMS have a rating of 8/10 so i cant really distinguish the difference

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I would check this out




You can get the Monster Jamz for $40 or the Turbine's for $50 and I know you said you only wanted to pay $30 but you could go for the Pro Coppers for $99 you don't get many chances to get a $400 IEM for $99 and they would be the last IEM's you would need for a long while.

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Sorry i dont want to buy used earbuds.


So can anyone tell me if the lift audio earbuds look fine? it will cost me around 35 dollars with shipping. I dont think ive ever payed that much for a set of earbuds. 




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Those aren't "used" earbuds in the outlet shops. They are 'second' goods. But I am guessing you want it all in a nice package and all that.


I wouldn't trust Amazon reviews in regards of earphones (unless they are talking about durability). So, I am placing my money on M6P as well.

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+1 for m6p...really good sound quality at the price ...brainwavz m1 is another quality, cheap option


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so i shouldnt buy the lift audio ones i posted right?


also, could over the ear iems be worn normally , and by normally i mean straight down. 

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never heard of lift audio... +1 for M6p

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no, you can't really wear the m6's or others specifically desiged for over the ear straight down...there are exceptions(tf 10) but generally no


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Thanks alot.


Can you guys suggest some straight downs for a similar price? Im not used to wearing these over ear


if not im just gonna order these. 

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Originally Posted by Enanthate View Post



Again $20.  Very similar sound to M6p but slightly less detail and more air.

Hey thanks so much for all this help. Im gonna go run and get an amazon card but i just stumbled upon these as well.






Should i get any of these or just stick with the M9?


The first link is supposedly 70 dollars brought down to 20 dollars.


Thank you so much. 

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I haven't heard the M9's before but i have heard the Skullcandys and i would stay pretty far away from them. 

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Alright thanks and im guessing the other one isnt any good as well? the J-Jays

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