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except that the 770 pads and 880/990 pads are different--depends whether the back of the pads are solid or vented.  They list all of them together, and they would fit all of them, but you wouldn't want to use the wrong pads on the wrong cans.

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How exactly are pads vented? Holes in the velour? or is there spacing somewhere?

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All the Beyer velour pads are vented and have many holes all over the reverse side. Through the holes you can see the inner foam material. 


The 880/990 pads have a dark porous foam you can see through the venting holes. While the 770 velour pads seem to have an additional layer of light grey material covering the dark foam. 


The 770 leather pads are solid, and almost fully sealed except for one single hole on the reverse side that allows the foam to breathe (so they won't balloon up when pressed against your face).


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Looking for a retailer of the HE-6 or LCD-2 in Vancouver so I can take my Uncle there to audition them. Already going to head to Headphone Bar to check out the HD800's with him.  Either that or somehow be able to hear them.  Any thoughts?  I could email the respective manufacturers I guess, thought this would be faster.

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There is no Canadian dealer for either of them that I'm aware of. If anybody does, I'd love to hear about it.

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Good thread. Keep it 'local'. :)


Here's a couple of others to add:


Grant Fidelity (amps, mostly tube) (http://grantfidelity.com/site/), Calgary, AB

Psyko Audio Labs (gaming headphones) (http://www.psykoaudio.com/), Calgary, AB

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I had Grant Fidelity already, but I added Psyko Acoustics (which is now as far as I know the only Canadian headphone manufacturer)

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I just like to mention: http://www.canadacomputers.com/


More specifically: http://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?cPath=16_222


Not the greatest selection of hi-fi headphones,  but they also sell cowon mp3 players. It seems they have stores in Ottawa too.

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Note to self and to update later: http://www.headfoneshop.com/ (Toronto)


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Ahhhhh the import duty fee, what a beauty..... ;)


But if you are ordering a US product from Canada you don't pay duty fees. (NAFTA)

This is one of reason I ended up buying lcd2 cause it's made in USA.


My next move will be Grados,

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Maybe not, but they can still nail you for brokerage fees depending on the carrier. How much was it to bring the LCD-2 up here after all taxes/custom fees?

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I wonder why they have such a limited selection....

Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Note to self and to update later: http://www.headfoneshop.com/ (Toronto)



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I think it's new. It just takes a little while to build up steam. Headphonebar started off really small as well and it looks pretty good nowadays.

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hello everyone. i ordered the alessandro ms1 from here and i selected economy shipping. what should i expect with brokerage fees/ taxes etc coming into canada if any at all? i understand they are a us dealer. thank god for NAFTA.

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I just discovered this online tool for calculating consumer import costs.


The GST tax rate figure seems out of date though.



I'm not certain, but I think I recall that there are no import duties for headphones. So NAFTA may not really help there. HST still applies to everything above $20, made in the US or not. Still no problem there. It's the brokerage fees that are a pain. UPS/Fedex has charged as much as 70% of my item's cost for brokerage before. But if they ship by USPS then it'll be fine as Canada Post charges something like $8 flat rate. You'll have to wait for the strike to end though.


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