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[poll] 2010 - 2011 UEFA Champions League!

Poll Results: Your favorite team to be 2010-2011 Europe's Champion?

Poll expired: May 31, 2011  
  • 56% (9)
  • 6% (1)
  • 6% (1)
  • 18% (3)
    Manchester United
  • 12% (2)
    Real Madrid
  • 0% (0)
    Schalke 04
  • 0% (0)
    Shakhtar Donetsk
  • 0% (0)
    Tottenham Hotspur
16 Total Votes  
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Chose your favorite!






Team 1   Agg. Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Real Madrid Spain 5–0 England Tottenham Hotspur 4–0 1–0
Chelsea England 1–3 England Manchester United 0–1 1–2
Barcelona Spain 6–1 Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk 5–1 1–0
Internazionale Italy 3–7 Germany Schalke 04 2–5 1–2






Team 1

  Agg. Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Schalke 04 Germany   England Manchester United 26 April 4 May
Real Madrid Spain   Spain Barcelona 27 April 3 May


The 2011 UEFA Champions League Final will be played on 28 May 2011 at Wembley Stadium in LondonEngland


28 May 2011, 20:45 Barcelona v Manchester United 


Place your bets!


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I went with Madrid and hopefully they can put up the fight against barca in the semifinals atsmile.gif

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quarterfinals updated.



rant (Click to show)

no one likes glorious futbol?!!!!!!!!!!  angry_face.gif


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So not a Man Utd fan, but I will always cheer for a home team against anyone else!!!

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Barcelona - Real Madrid is in 12 hours from now popcorn.gif

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The funeral begins soon enough, it's going to be a lot of fun for Real since The Chosen One, Pepe and Ramos are missing.

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mad.gif at least they put up the fight.

and Higuain scored a legit goal damnit!


I'd be surprised if ManU has any problems today

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Arsenal fan here


It's gonna be an interesting final as Man u seem to me to be experts at 'spooking out' the referee. Always around him, rio,rooney,vidic......... Rio seems to overlook the referee's decisions, with scholes sometimes looking at what the ref writes in his book. Maybe for spelling mistakes, I don't know. Genius.


So too are baraca experts at this, with xavi and co.


No other team can do this better than these two. A lot of them try, but fail. So credit to them here- because so many try as it's not illegal, but these two shine at it.



So, who's going to win in wembly?

The team that controlls the ref better. Simple as.

(carrick/evans probably wont play, and busquets won't be in central defence!)


ps. Arsenal haven't been for 6 years 'in it to win it' in any competition (apart from this years carling cup). So they rightedly haven't won anything.


ps#II. I reckon this barca team is it's weakest in recent years. In with pedro and busquets, out with toure and eto!! That's how good messi is.

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Well Busquets is a decent player but please spare us from his theatratics. 


But Pedro is excellent. So excellent that Guardiola went on to say that he is the best finished in the Barcelona roster. Mind you, Barcelona has David Villa, so Guardiola meant Pedro's finishing is better than Villa.

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Normally when there's no Dutch club in the game (a lot these days), I'm in favor of Barca or Arsenal.


But I really hope Edwin van der Sar will win the cup in his last match of his career. What a guy, what a career, what a goal keeper. The best we Dutch had ever, and one of the best goalkeepers ever lived.


That said, I'm afraid Barca's midfield is unbeatable. Just like Spain's midfield last summer..

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With barca's midfield holded by busquets, it is beatable. I've followed barca all season, and what an awful player, by barca standards. Maybe they see potential in the future + he's spanish so fits in well. Or maybe he's a nice guy in training/on the pitch.


When this was yaya toure, then no. Oh, no. Yaya toure- for anyone who's followed the english premier league this season, has been probably the best player. Virtually single handedly won man city the FA cup semi's and final.


Please pep, don't put pedro on either. Give afellay a change instead of pedro aswell as afellay has that raw pace to get past vidic. Madrids class clown, marcelo, on purpose injured pedro when he stamped on him in the first leg of the champions league. Absolute fart. I knew it was all over for madrid after that.



Seriously, messi has become so important for barca, that if man u cancel him out, which they can do (like arsenal in the first leg). Then united will win, no matter who the ref chooses to support.



#Van der sar- True say. He is the business# 

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11 more days and we will find out.

Im supporting ManU, but only because Barca beated Madrid mad.gif


ManU has the benefit of being almost local. and if they could stop barca's midfiel, I thinkthey could actually win this one. but if i were to bet money it'll be on Barca.

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FC Barcelona will win!!

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Originally Posted by azpirito View Post

FC Barcelona will win!!

I'm afraid they will

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we should place bets tongue_smile.gif would it be allowed?

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