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Philips SHQ1000 Review

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I 'm buying these no whatever you guys say but I would liek to know what to expect in terms of sound quality. They're only £10 so compared to my ATH-ES7s at £70 I guess there will be a big difference but I'm buying them for their moulded shape and that they're sweat proof. If no one has as I've had a look around and there's not much on them I may review them.


Edit: This thread is now a review

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Just got them delivered, looking pretty good will do a review with pictures and maybe a video just to get every angle on them, looking like a very good pair of gym headphones at the moment.

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lookin forward for the review... I have one, but doesnt sound  very good, Im curious about it, is it because i didnt burn it very well or bad fitting orit is just plain sucks


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So let me start by saying as above I was searchign around for some gym/running headphone so sweat/water proof and nice fit was what I was looking for. I was searching seeing the Adias/Sennheiser line and similar stuff and alot of general in ear buds - although I wanted these water proof. I feel across a pair of Philips my friend had been bought for his birthday - the Philips SHQ1000. Now these headphones caught my attention primarily primarily because of their shape, however theya re also a very honestly priced headphone on Amazon's sweat proof headphone list -



So firstly I've received the pack, standard for a low priced earphone at £10, also at $16 in the US. So yeah standard packaging plastic and all that so I won't go on about that.


Tried to re-package these to give the feel when you first open them but sort of failed as you can see. We've got a clip the headphones alternative caps for the buds. Was supprised by a carrying pouch which is nice and small and I guess useful for some of us, I especially liek it as I use a clip+ and can easily fit the phones and the player in for protection.Untitled.jpg



-I have to say they do stick in your ear very well after finding the best fit caps and moving the canal in place. I've sued them for runnign and when lifting weights at the gym but haven't had a single case of them dropping out yet and they are comfortable. I mean they're not going to be as comfy as two big cushions on your head like we have with some cans but these aren't bad.




-No I'm not going to lie and say they've got better bass than a pair of M50's or anything like that but these are good standards for a pair of £10 phones, they've engineered the sound to try be more motivating when working out or exercising. They work and as long as focused on an activity whos listening in on the quality of sound? The bass is a bit thumpy (how I want it when I'm at the gym) the trebel and mids will obviously be pretty flat. Sound I wouldn't bother even lookign at these if its the main deal for you. Maybe try sennheiser's or something but you will not be buying these for their sound value.



For those that know the annoyences of buyign a good gym headphone that won't quite stick or isn't practical you will love these. I love not needing to worry about damage as these could thrown spilt on sweated all over and it would make a difference. I am also quite satisfied with the minimal sacrifice of sound quality in turn of its liquid resistance, the canal channeled nature of the phone helps this and will be great for getting "in teh zone". Even for temporary or just a wet day consider these as they will releive the stresses of trying to rpoetct your phones.


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Originally Posted by bigheadhifi View Post

lookin forward for the review... I have one, but doesnt sound  very good, Im curious about it, is it because i didnt burn it very well or bad fitting orit is just plain sucks



As I mention in teh review the average guy on head-fi will look at these with dis-taste, and so would I if it were for audio enjoying purpose but these are advertised as sport headphones and I feel they deliver that aspect very well.

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