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I have a feeling I'd seriously hate the LCD2. If it has less sparkle than the D7000, its automatic phail for me. No mercy for smoothness. Not that they suck, but just don't do anything for me. Same with HD650, TMA1, and other popular smooth FOTMs.

I HAAATE the ESW9. Another popular FOTM for portables.
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The m50 "FOTM" has been hugely blown out of proportion to the point that when a new audiophile buys one, astounded at the difference between the ibuds and the m50, he asserts that he has hit audio perfection and makes posts: "The m50 perform like a $500 headphone, best headphone far above it's price point, etc, etc, etc"


As Mad Lust said, it's gone far beyond FOTM.

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I had an M50 for all of two weeks before selling it. Not bad, not great, not my cup 'o tea. I can understand it's appeal to "mainstream" audiences though, especially at the US price. It has the typical (moderately) pronounced bass and high end for a DJ styled which satisfies the average consumer's bass needs, even though it's billed as a studio headphone and isn't really great for that. Availability is high too, being able to find it in most music stores and electronic retailers. Form factor and build quality are good as well. That said, it's on nearly the bottom of my list amoung its competitors within that price bracket that I've tried/owned.


What bugs me the most though, is the multitude of newbies who parrot around telling other newcomers to buy the M50 even though they've never heard it themselves or it's the only headphone above ibuds that they've heard. This goes for a lot of other headphones as well, but the M50s are particularly bad for it.

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I thought I would keep my M50s but they sort of dissapointed me (maybe because they don't compare to everything else I have,  or isn't my cup of tea). I kept giving it a chance to "wow" me, but it never did so I sold it to a friend which LOVES it because he's only ever had iBuds. They are definitely great for the price and has good SQ, but just nothing impressive to me. It also has a very cluttered sound and kind of muddy which I didn't like at all. I think I just don't like closed headphones altogether. I guess they can be overrated, but it's definitely a good place to start in the audiophile world for a closed headphone.


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humm was going to buy a pair nvm then :)

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Originally Posted by Teejaay View Post

humm was going to buy a pair nvm then :)

Don't let all this overated talk dissuade you, it really is an excellent all-around headphone.  So, if your plans were to purchase one, them by all means go right ahead.

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yeah, get one especially when you are in the US.  I am just annoyed about it because I can't get one for $120 and all these people raving about a product too overpriced for me to buy.

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I wouldn't say over-rated - they are excellent cans.  I would say a bit over-hyped.  When I was trying to make my decision at first (I'd call it entry point mid-fi) - I narrowed it down to the SRH 840 and M50 for my closed can choice at the price point (both were around USD 120-130).  I was lucky enough that I was traveling to the US and was able to demo the two - and make the choice for myself.  I'm glad I did.  All I'd read on head-fi pointed to the M50 being the better and safer option.  After listening to both, it became abundantly clear that the SRH840 (for me) was the obvious choice.  It just does mids/vocals better IMO.  I bought the SRH840 and am so glad I did.


I think the biggest issue with the M50 is that it gets recommended a lot for everything - often by people who have only heard the M50 and/or much cheaper cans.  You have to weed your way through the advice.  It's probably the one reason I read way more (for now) than participating and adding advice on head-fi.  I simply don't have the experience yet with too many cans.  I really do appreciate those that have the experience though - I'm learning a lot.  I guess it's like a lot of fora - you have have to pick your way through some of the 'hype' to get the truer picture.


Saying the above though - if the SRH840 weren't available - I would have been perfectly happy with the M50 as a start point.  They are really good / a massive step up from my old cheaper closed Senn eh250).


I've definitely got the bug now though (poor wallet) - also bought the AD700 while I was in NY (love them) - but got a chance to demo the HD650's and already thinking about next purchase when I can afford them wink_face.gif

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It's an OK headphone. But I've heard better, and not necessarily more expensive.

Problem is that a lot of people own them who haven't owned, or even listened to, other headphones. They start making statements like those above, about how the M50 is better than more expensive headphones. OK, which ones?

Then the people who haven't heard other headphones start recommending the M50 for everything, even when there are better choices.

And if I haven't irritated the fanboys enough, I'll take the Sony MDR-V6 over the M50 any day. Sounds better and costs less. Or a Grado SR-60, which also costs less and sounds better.
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I like you Uncle Eric :)

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Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

sorry guys but i don't find their msrp of $199.99 reasonably cheap at all. in canada they are way expensive. they are only good if you get them for their street price of around $120. and their prices have been going up lately.


imo the shure srh440 is better value for the money.

Amazon them to point roberts or blaine and just go pick them up. There is a business that rents po box's for a 1$ a day or something ridiculously cheap. I got mine for $123.


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Originally Posted by BoneThug View Post

Amazon them to point roberts or blaine and just go pick them up. There is a business that rents po box's for a 1$ a day or something ridiculously cheap. I got mine for $123.


i got my shure srh840 for 129.99 and from what i undertstand they are just as good if not better.


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Wait guys, just to do a clarification:


I realised that AT did do a reboot of the M50 line, changing from a blue box to a white box. To me, it sounds like the recessed mids problem HAVE been fixed, though bass quantity is now a little shorter. According to my ears, now the "white box" M50s are much more neutral, apart from the fun bass hump at the lower frequencies. Am I right, or am I just imagining the increased mids?

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I am floored by them realllly wow, they seem to inbody every good thing my other headphones do at the moment.ph34r.gif  does that make them better, perhaps  I paid full price got the white box think of it as a donation 

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