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For Sale: For Sale: WOO WES - SOLD

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For Sale:
For Sale: WOO WES - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

AAAvailable for sale a well kept dual chassis WOO AUDIO WES Fulll Balanced Electrostatic Amplifier. It was designed to match Stax headphones and according to some users, synergizes particularly well with the Sennheiser HE-90 headphone. Makes my Stax SR-007 sounds very musical. Selling to fund new acquisitions. Details of amp:

Color: Black

Age: One year

History: Single owner

Serial #: 0310012

Condition: Mint except for a tiny surface scratch on a cone protector

Comes with a complete set of stock tubes. I also have 3 match pairs of Shuguang 50 Years Treasure 6CA7 power tubes that brings out the best from this amps. 2 pairs have about 50 hours of use while the 3rd pair is mint. These are also available for sale.

The amp and tubes are located in Singapore but I can ship internationally. I have previously purchased on 3 occasions from fellow Headfiers with no problems. However, this will be my first attempted sale, so please bear with my ignorance about the sale process.

I look forward to discussing with all interested parties and any general questions about the amp or tubes.

Thanks for looking,

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Please check my offer in your PM
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