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@Mad Max


I did confirm that all my IEM's and Over Ear work fine with the Magni. You are probably right that it is damaged. They sound fine at medium volumes and below. What are the signs of a bad cable (The cable has no signs of wear or tears)? Replacing the cable or doing detachable cable mod doesn't seem too expensive. But replacing the drivers seem pretty costly... might as well buy a brand new one. Do you know the cheapest place for replacement drivers? Thanks.

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There's no cheaper "place" than calling up Beyerdynamic for replacement drivers.  You'll spend about $105 shipped.  You could buy a used one then with who knows what kind of history, or a new one for $170 or whatever it is going for lately.


If the cable is near an early end, you should be missing bass and treble extension significantly or even get sucked-out mids, as if any, say, pop song you try has the vocals completely removed (maybe your wiring is fine after all?).  Or there could be a partial short among the three pins of each driver to which the wiring is soldered (this is highly unlikely, though, but it doesn't hurt to check).


I just remembered that the drivers might have hairs on them and this can easily lead to distortion of some kind or another, definitely check for hairs and remove them carefully.  Hopefully it is just this.


If the drivers are defective, they have taken DC voltage from faulty/old equipment or misuse, enough to screw up the drivers a little but not enough to kill them off for good.  Or too much very loud volume can also damage a headphone (as well as the user's hearing at that point, unless the headphone was being used as mini-speakers at a distance).

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Hi Guys ! So im stuck a bit here... I travel a lot, and i like some good music with me on the road. Used to have my pioneers hdj-2000 (mainly for comfort) , but they died. I wasn't really happy with my pioneers SQ , so i got the DT-770 80ohm.  But i'm sure my cowon x9 and my MBP will not handle them properly, so i want to get an mobile amp. My budget is limited to 150$ max. 
But i'm not sure, should i get Dac+Amp (Fiio E18 Kunlun) or ill be fine just with an Amp (Fiio E12 Mont Blanc) ? Will the Dac from Fiio E18 will do better then my  MBP  ? 
Thnx in advance ! 

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I use a fiio a3 which is way more than enough for my dt770's.
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Got the E18... Just realised how bad is the DAC from MBP... :D

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Originally Posted by PETEREK View Post

Good choice. Here's a tip for people who want their DT770 to sound closer to the DT880 and 990, take the pads off, then the ring that hold the driver and black foam padding on, prop the driver up so you can see the back of it and remove the white cap that is covering the back side. That cap increases back pressure so the cans produce more bass, removing it will even the bass out a little and bring out the mids and highs like it's siblings. (They don't have that cap)

See how the DT880 driver isn't covered by that white cap?

Here's the cap I was talking about, the piece in the center. Pop that off, It just presses on, nothing is really holding it on there.

I'm wondering what the fence around the driver is for. Its kind of like an open back can inside a closed back. Could it help in the sound stage department?
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It is pretty common to have the space inside of the cups of a closed headphone divided into two somehow, this optimizes bass and soundstaging.

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Will return my E18 tomorrow. I'll just add 100$ more and get a DAP for my DT770 80ohm ... Stuck between X1 + e12 or x3 gen 2 or x5 (first gen) . They all are about the same price... I just can not spent more. I would get x3 gen 2 , but not sure if it will power my dt770 enough... ?

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I recommend splurging on the player first before an external amp of some kind.  So the X3-II or X5 as you said.

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A bit of off topic :D

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Hi guys, I know this won't fit in this topic, but as this is the closest I could find, asking here. I bought a DT770 Pro 32 ohms from Amazon India just few days back, but for whatever weird reasons I am kind of worried about its authenticity! Is there any way to check whether a DT770 Pro 32 is genuine or not?

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Can you post clear, close up photos?  I don't think that those get duped, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

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Hi guys,


I've recently ordered the DT770 Pro 80 Ohm model but with all the different ohms and editions and premiums and pros I got a bit confused. I wanted to get the one which is 80 ohms and comes with a straight (NOT coiled) cable. So my question is that if there's a chance for me to end up with the not wanted coiled cable or all the DT770 Pro 80ohms come with a straight cable.


I'm asking this because I still have the chance the cancel my order if I want to. Thanks in advance!

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Where did you order the phones? It should be straight. Better ask the seller and make sure, fast!

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Originally Posted by sikki-six View Post

Where did you order the phones? It should be straight. Better ask the seller and make sure, fast!

I ordered them from a local dealer. I even tried some of their phones and decided to go with the Beyers.

Problem is, I didn't pay much attention to the exact type when I was listening to it (didn't know there were so many around), all I know was that it had been a DT770. So I said I want a pair of these but they were out of stock, so they offered me to log on to my account and order it for me. When I got home I checked my account and indeed there was my order of a pair of DT770 Pro 80 ohms but then I noticed all the different models being around, and I just can't remember which one I demoed. Thanks for the answer I'll definitely ask them as soon as I can!

Fortunately browsing through this thread's pictures all of the phones have straight cables so I hope for the best. :biggrin:

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