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I just got a response from the seller. He says he got them 5 years ago from Guitar Center, but he's only used them "for only a month". I'm trying to find out the impedance. Of course I just purchased the 250 ohm Pro's from Adomara for $120 (after rebate), and I already have the 80 ohm version. I was just curious.


Any reason to jump on this? Are the old ones better, by any standards?

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I think they're 80ohm.


pic is small but it looks like it says 2 x 80 ohm. As far as I know there are no differences between older 80ohm and newer in terms of sound, only cosmetic changes to make it look more modern I guess. 

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Buys them 5 years ago but used for a month sounds like horsepoopy.

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ok, thanks everyone. Looks like a pass for me.

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Hey guys, I hope this is appropriate here. I've been reading up on these headphones and I am pretty set on them (I absolutely love my DT990s), but I just wanted to check that the portable DAC/amp I'm looking at (The Geek Out 450) would drive them. Given that they are 80 Ohm and a lot of people find they run well on their portable players/laptops I'm guessing that these could sound even better with a bit more amplification. I just don't want to lock this portable combo in and find that the amp doesn't actually benefit these headphones! Thanks for any help :].
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Originally Posted by ironpanda View Post


No amp, it's plugged straight into the back of the computer (using Spotify)


Spotify HD ?

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Asus Orion headset vs Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm


Not really a review, but first impressions. After 2 days of listening to the DT 770s and then comparing several songs (hip hop, trance and stuff like that) with both headphones I can say that DT 770 does sound a lot better than the Asus Orion. It's pretty much like you compare your chitty IEMs that came with your phone to the ones you bought later - the old ones sound like chit in every way - they have really noticable worse audio quality. People say DT 770 are bass heavy, but when I first put on my bass heavy song I was like - well, where is the bass then? For people like me who doesn't take audio seriously and just want a pair of good headphones for gaming, movies and music - I wouldn't take audiophile suggestions and reviews for granted, specially now that I bought 2 headphones based on their reviews and suggestions. I'm not attacking anyone here, by the way. So the bass was really almost non existent, but it was simply fixed by upping the low frequencies (in Asus Xonar DG) which are 30 and 60 khz (?) for about ~10 decibels, but you would have to adjust them yourself to what you like. 


If you want to use DT 770 80 ohm headphones with Asus Xonar DG or similar sound card then you definitely don't need an amp for this, unless you're deaf. I have reduced windows sound levels to 50% and youtube sound level to about 1/4 and it is loud enough.


Comfort - earcups feel nice, not as plushy as Orion's though. The velour earcups seem to have memory foam in it, it slowly is taking shape to my head. Headband is not bad either, doesn't hurt top of my head so that's great compared to the AKG K612 naked leather on top of my head joke.


p.s. Might edit this post and add what I think about positional audio in Battlefield 4 and/or CS GO when I try it out. With Asus Orion there was none.

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