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Why is there a significant difference between ATH-Pro5v and ATH-Pro5ms?

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I recently purchased my first "true" headphones- the ATH-Pro5v.. well to be honest, i first got the camo-style ATH-Pro5ms (i think the ms stands for military style, an educated guess i suppose). After wearing it for 3 days i find it VERY UNCOMFORTABLE especially when worn straight for about an hour.. mainly i play games (Crysis 2 & Dead Space 2) and listen to mp3's in my ipod, the sound quality is exactly what i expected it to be.. more bass but in a tight and non-overpowering manner and even if i turn the volume up to unsafe listening decibels these cans barely made a distortion.. quite frankly i was impressed on its sound reproduction for the price. (I bought it in my country and it costs roughly around 80 US dollars when converted). Now on the other side of the spectrum, the thing that discourages me the most on this can is the very unpleasant feeling it gives to my ears and sometimes the pinching is too much to bear i could literally feel my auricles get VERY WARM AND PAINFUL!! Hence i went back to the retail store since it was still covered by the warranty and replaced the ATH-Pro5ms with the silver one-- ATH-Pro5V. The first thing that i noticed when i picked-up the replacement was that it's lighter compared to the ms... and when i placed it on top of my head it feels lighter and not tight around the head. so immediately it solved my problem on the comfort level.. HOWEVER, when i played it in my ipod i noticed that the bass response was not as good as the ms version, and i believe the treble and mid are way too high (im no audiophile geek but i can very much tell the difference).. when i read the specs on both cans there is no actual difference!! the specs are all identical except of course for the aesthetic preference (ms- camo version and the v-silver version and there was suppose to be the black version too). so basically i should have the same sound quality and the only thing that should differ is the way it looks.. BUT FRANKLY I believe there is a difference in the sound reproduction and the thing that bothers me most is what if the silver version is a fake copy of the original? is there any high copy's floating around in the market with this model? i forgot also to mention that the weight indicated on both boxes is 7oz. when in fact the silver model, which the one that i finally settled-in to, feels way lighter than the camo-version.. ANY IDEAS GUYS? maybe some of you have noticed what i observed? really appreciate your feedback.. THANKS!! Happy listening.. :D



- i'll be saving up my midyear bonus to purchase the critically-acclaimed Audio-Technica ATH-M50.. Can't wait to get my hands on those babies!! Sooo excited... :D (maybe i'll sell my ATH-Pro5v if there are any buyers in my locality and if there's no taker well i guess i'll hand-me-down this cans to my younger brother for his listening pleasure..)

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i have had both and they felt and sounded identical to me.

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really bro? that's why i posted this thread since i noticed that both cans DO NOT SOUND THE SAME AT ALL... they're supposed to be identical in terms of sound reproduction when looking at their specs, except of course for personal aesthetic preference- being the camo or silver version- taking it aside there should be no difference at all.. It really bothered me maybe i got a fake copy or something.. but the retail store that i bought it from is an authentic distributor for AUDIO-TECHNICA.. even my younger brother noticed its weight and sound difference and he also added that the silver version is much more comfortable to wear- leading me to finally settle on this headphone. HECK even the saleslady who demo'd me the cans noticed that the silver version is lighter when compared to the pro5ms.. noise isolation seem to be a little less better in the silver version as well.. OVERALL sound quality the ATH-Pro5ms is the clear winner- taking into account bass, mid and highs but i opted for the ATH-Pro5V primarily because it's lighter and cooler to look at and because i listen to music (pc and ipod) and play games for hours at a time.. what i really don't like is being cheated for my hard-earned money.. i don't want to end up owning a high-copy of the unit that i paid in it's retail price. (80US dollars) and i can't replace it coz the warranty only covers replacement 1 week after purchase and im way too late for that now.. could you describe to me your listening experience for the ATH-Pro5v so that i'll picture out if i really got an original pair.. THANKS BRO! HAPPY LISTENING! :D

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the sound on these is very lively, with an emphasis on mid-high treble sparkle and tight mid-bass. a very 'fun' headphone.


now there is a mark 2 version of these headphones that recently came out and they are larger.

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really? thanks for the info bro... but have you noticed the 2 units (ATH-Pro5v and ATH-Pro5ms) being different from each other not just their color and design? taking into account sound reproduction... 

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