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Originally Posted by MOSFET46 View Post

Have not heard the PS1000 I do however have the gold toned pre "i" SR325 and it is by far the best, most detailed set of 'phones I have ever heard. The only beef I have with them is they do not fit too firmly on my head. I like my Sennheiser 280 better for that.

I have a theory that the SR325i might be more like the MS2i than the SR325is.  I had the 325is, and it was bright enough to peel paint.  But I absolutely love my MS2i's in spite of the fact that I also have HF2's and RS2i's that I also adore.


I have a buddy whose ears I trust almost more than my own.  He has the goldie 325i, and he swears by them.  I know he wouldn't have liked the 325is that I had.  I've never heard the "i", but I know the consensus seems to be that the "is" and "i" aren't that different, but maybe they are?


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Originally Posted by bertchai View Post

The quality of Grados vary from time to time,  A friend told me that the first badge of PS1000 is the best.  The current badge is nowhere near.  The weight of the current badge is noticably lighter (variation in production).  Sound quialty is also best on the first badge of PS1000  Manufacturers are charging you the same amount of money and give you less and less, even on their flagship models. How disappointing.


I don't know where your friend is getting his information from but Grado Labs advised me that the new chromed version of the PS1000 actually weighs a few grams more than the model it has replaced. According to Grado, the chrome finish was adopted because it is more consistent and durable. I personally prefer the superseded matte aluminium finish and managed to source a new one but they were scarce on the ground.  


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If anyone gets these grados, could they put up frequency charts comparing this year and their own grados of the same model?

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