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For Sale: Meelectronics A151 *1 Week old*

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For Sale:
Meelectronics A151 *1 Week old*

Will Ship To: CONUS

These were totally an impulse buy (again...). Though I do approve of their sound, comfort, and build quality, I find myself making more time for my other, more expensive IEMs. These have about 5 hours on them tops. They are like 99.9% new. 


Complimentary video here: YouTube. (That's me in the video with the A151s)


I got these on sale from last week, and soon after the price was immediately back to their MSRP again. 

I can always return these, but thought that I might as well put them on head-fi for those who might have been interested in them but missed the deal. So I'm passing the savings on to you!


Anyway, asking for $49 shipped. CONUS. I will cover the shipping as well. $50 is how much they were on sale but remember I am covering shipping, which runs for another $5. So I'm still at a loss here. 


Paypal gift only though, because otherwise I'd have to pay about 5% extra paypal fee.


Let me know if interested!





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