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I think CK10 and UE700 are both more analytical IEM's, especially when you take imaging and layering into account, the ER-4 seriously suffers there, but while those focus on attack, the ER-4 also has lengthy decay, and slightly more air than both of them.


The RE252 is an analytical IEM since it's so balanced and raw sounding, and it has the best live acoustic transferal I've heard, not in the life-like sense or realsim, it's just an excellent "channel" to the music.  I know a film editor on head-fi picked one up once and he liked it (as an audio tool).  Taking speed and imaging into account, it doesn't keep up with the TWFK and ED-29689 drivers mentioned above - but the limited stereo field, the dynamic driver, and the real silver voice coils have their own charm.



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I recommend the Ultimate Ears UE700 and the Hifiman Express HM-101 to anyone looking for an analytical and musical experience.



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Maybe think about the RE-262?

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ER-4, CK10, UE700 have more detail and layering than any Hifiman.




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so funny puns

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