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For Sale: FS. Modded Parasound Dac 1100 HD

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For Sale:
FS. Modded Parasound Dac 1100 HD

Will Ship To: US/Canada

For sale is my Parasound Dac 1100 HD modified by the Colin Toole (Cetoole). Looking for 700 bucks for this great dac not including shipping, paypal or MO is fine. Some scratches on the top plate around 7/10 on the agon scale.  Does Toslink and Coax no USB

List of mods:
Analyse the DAC output stage, remove the stock output stage and determine that the stock voltage regulators for the DAC analog voltages will no longer work properly with the removal of the I/V stage, so rebuilt them completely.
Built discrete I/V board, which is an open loop folded cascode transimpedance amplifier with a DC servo adjusting the operating points for DC coupled output followed by the actual I/V conversion, passive low pass filter, and a JFET output buffer. The I/V board is powered by onboard discrete shunt regulators regulating the regulated +/-18v on the Parasound board down to +/-13.5v.

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