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monster turbine or monster beats

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I'm having hard time to decide between monster turbine and monster beats by dr dre tour. my music source are cowon j3 and iphone 4, my old earphone was sony xb40ex which provide sweet bass and sound stage while i listen music and watch movies on both device. can anyone out there give me some advice to choose between these 2 earphones? seems like both of these phones are sounds similar, but how about the build quality? i saw some posts complained how easy to make turbine broken, but why it still sell alot in the market? any opinion?

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The Turbine is the superior out of the two and I'd avoid anything that's been musician branded by Monster Cable; one of their representatives more or less admitted to me that the branding headphones and IEMs (Dre, Gaga, etc.) is far more for marketing than anything else.


Of course, with a little research on this website you can find superior IEMs for roughly the same price for the Turbines.

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Get the Turbines, if they have any problem( it's rarer now as Monster have been fixing it), just RMA. Do not get the Beats whatsoever. They're not worth the price(more like $50-60) and SQ is average. 

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The Turbine is a seriously great sounding IEM. I highly recommend it.
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Turbine is a great quality sounding IEM, but I find the bass lacking. I mean, that's not bad, but I prefer my bass to be very "heavy".

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+1 for the Turbines

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I just got an email from Santa and it says that any boys who make new Monster/Beats threads will be getting coal this Christmas...

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