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Little Dot MK IV or WooAudio

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Just wondering what Woo Audio amp would be in the same category as the Little Dot MK IV ($350). The WooAudio 3 ($500) or the WooAudio 6 ($600)?

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This would be my first tube amp, and I'll be using it to power Denon 5000s and Sennheiser 650s.

Any other recommendations for a tube amp?


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This will probably be a strange reply compared to the other ones you're bound to get, but:


many years ago I had a LD MK IV SE paired with a Grado RS-2, and I thought it was awesome. I had nothing to fault with the combo, or the amp itself. Eventually, with enough extra funds (and from reading on the forums here), I sold the LD MK IV SE, and got a Woo Audio 6.


Long story short, I was very depressed with the decision. No matter how I tried to focus, or swapped out tubes, I couldn't find anything superior to the WA6 over the LD MK IV SE.


So I sold the WA6, bought a Gilmore Lite instead, and used the leftover funds in the future to buy an incredible 2.0 speaker setup.


What I'm trying to say is that I think it's worth pursuing the LD MK IV, even if it's not the SE version.

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I have really enjoyed my MKIV SE and use it as both a headphone amp and pre.  I'm using it with my Beyer 880's and was really pleased with it. I have since started going in the balaned direction and am planning on selling it but not because of the sound but more because I need something I can adjust left/right volumes due to a hearing loss. I don't think you can go wrong with it for the money

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