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seems like clieos was wrong

Nope, Sony Hybrids are only suitable for IEMs with wide nozzles. Phonak's nozzles are smaller than what those Hybrids can fit.

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Is there anyone who can recommend any replacement earbuds/eartips for Phonak Audeo PFE 022 in-ear headphones that at least fit? I don't like to loose anymore Sony eartips in my ears.

Is the following Earphones Plus brand 135-B-6BLK-6CLR-M Replacement

a an alternative? Claimed to be a replacement for Phonak. But merely looking at them gives me the impression that also these are too big. Diameter of these Phonak Audeo earbuds are 4mm so the suggested size of the connection tip 11/64" (4.25mm) is too big.

I think the best is probably buying any cheap earphones which also use an inner diameter for earbuds of 4mm and use the earbuds only.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions!

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