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jvc ha-fx700 bass compared to atrio m5

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Good morning Head-fi family. I'm currently in the market for a new pair of iem's to replace my reliable ATRIO'S, and so far I'm tossed up between the fx700's and the Earsonics sm3's. According to the specs, it seems as if the sm3's with a sensitivity of 122db is the loudest of the three,but with the reviews of the fx-700 which speaks on its excellent bass, it has left me in a spot of unsuredness for my next purchase of a decent iem. Please members if you can help me, which above mentioned iem's have more bass and detail over the Atrio m5. Thanks
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If you are after bass comparable to the Atrios then avoid the SM3. If you need isolation, avoid the FX700. If you liked the Atrios why not get the newer revision with the MG7 driver?


I prefer the FX700s to the Atrios overall, but for me the isolation is not enough to use out and about which is a shame.

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Hey Sham.... This isolation issue that I've read on other post concernIng the fx700 is maddening, because, I have yet to hear anyone say if it can be repaired by better foams
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I don't think the tips make much difference because it is an open-backed IEM basically. However, I have not tried foamies as I prefer silicons.


People have different tolerances for isolation, but I tried them at the gym and I could still hear the gym music in the background and I play my music quite loud. I also tried them cycling to work and they pick up a lot of wind noise.

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wow! I was really liking the fx 700's, but that isolation problem could be a killer
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Yes, as someone said in the FX700 thread, their greatest strength is also their greatness weakness since the sound they produce comes from them being open.


I wonder if they can be re-shelled into a wooden custom with a discrete vent. biggrin.gif

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Whatelse is out there that would be a worthy upgrade Sham?
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What sort of budget do you have? I can only comment on the IEMs I own and whether or not you consider them a worthwhile upgrade to the Atrio depends on your personal preferences.


You've said you want comparable bass to the Atrio, but how do you like your treble and mids? What music do you listen to mostly?


The only thing I can say for sure is if you were happy with the original Atrio, the newer revision would be an upgrade that is worthwhile.

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Hello Sham, and thanks for your assistance with any questions that I have asked, but I have just purchased the Ultrasone HFI-780's, because it is becoming rather apparent that IEM's will not give me the type of performance that I'm looking for. Thanks alot for your help bro!!!!

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Nice, I've not heard the 780s, but I'm sure they will be just as good as the 580 and Pro900. Enjoy!

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