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Headphone Reccomendations around $50

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Hey everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my old ones broke. I'd appreciate any recommendations in the 40-60 dollar range. My budget is pretty tight so I probably won't go over it unless it's a really good deal.


Anyway, I'll be using it from mostly my laptop, occasionally my phone, and my guitar amp, so I'd prefer it to come with a 3.5 mm connector and 1/4' adapter. I mostly like to listen to rock and metal, but I also listen to blues and some acoustic stuff. I'll also be using them for gaming.


Some features I'd like are low noise leaking, so I can listen without waking my roommate/disturbing others around me. I'd prefer if the ear cups folded up so that I could toss them in my backpack or whatever. On that note, durability is important to me, I don't want them crapping out on me like my old ones did. Otherwise, reasonably comfortable, and great sound.


Here are some of the ones I've been looking at. I really don't know how to decide between them, so many options.


Beyer DT 235 - $54.90

JVC HARX900 - $58.99

JVC HARX700 - $34.56

Sennheiser HD515 - $53.80

Sennheiser HD428 - $59.99

AudioTechnica ATH-M30 - $42.76

AudioTechnica ATH-M35 - $54.84


All recommendations and advice is highly appreciated! Sorry for the length.



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The word around here is that Grado SR60i is the best budget headphone for rock. But i don't think it isolates noise.

I currently own the HD202 (my beater headphones) and I am very pleased with it... But I do find that it does not have enough detail to truly enjoy acoustic guitar strings or the cymbal details... all which are important to rock which you listen to the most. But then again it was like $30. The bass on the HD202 is exceptional given the price and it isolates noise pretty well. Although it doesn't fold or anything it is very light and portable. My sister borrowed it and she dropped it numerous of times and yet it still works perfectly fine. I find it very durable... if it can survive my sister then it can basically survive anything.


For your music tastes though... I think the SR60i will serve you well. I just wanted to let you know that the HD202 was a decent budget minded purchase that I have made.

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Thanks for the response!


I also looked at the Grados, but I'm pretty sure it leaks too much noise for me, unfortunately.


As for the 202s, they generally seem to be running for around $40, and I feel like a lot of the headphones on my list outclass them for not much more money.



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