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new to the forums with a couple questions

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first let me introduce myself (wes) and say that this forum is one of the busiest i've seen. currently 400+ viewing this one alone. wow.


anyway i'm in the market for a set of headphones and looking to spend around 100 dollars.  please don't be sorry about my wallet.  reason being, i've never even owned a decent pair before so i'm really trying to just get my foot in the door so to speak. i've been doing a lot of reading on here and have learned some things but also have created more questions. here is what i have so far. not gonna lie, i really dig the beats by dre.  the way they look, the way they fit, but i don't want to spend 200 dollars on them as most on here would suggest. so i've been trying to find an alternative that will fit my need for style and fit, and also sound better. i'm not looking for crazy base, besides anything would be bassier than my iBuds. i listen to every type of music on the planet so i'm also not looking for a specific sound. after reading on here about headphones around 100 dollars i've came up with this list:


Denon AH D1001 - heard they fit great, sound good, but to me they look like ear protectors from the gun range


HD 555 - afraid aliens may abduct me. these things are crazy looking. kind of like it though.


HD 485 - really like these but i read that they are discontinued. i have found a pair online for 82 bux tho. so far these are on the top of my list especially with the replacable cord.


AT ES7 - look pretty good. can't remember about how they sound.


Goldring 150 - a little over my budget but will consider. look similar to the 555's but afraid my ears may burn up walking around outside.


ATH M50s - supposed to sound great. look kinda classic but they say for studio monitoring (practical for everyday listening?)


MS1 - no thanks. i'm sure they sound great but style is a factor here too ;)



ideally i would like an on ear model like the beats.  and these will be powered off of my iphone and laptop. any advice would be greatly appreciated and i hope i have done enough searching around to exclude myself from the noob "what are the best for under 100 bux" type first posts.




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Welcome to Head-Fi,

Have you thought about IEMs?

If you've seen the MS1 (or Grado SR-80) you might change your mind.
Do you need isolation?

If you don't need isolation I think the MS1 or Grado 80 are the best headphones under $100. Sound is the most important factor for me.

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Welcome to head-fi..sorry about your wallet. 


Why not the M50's? they are great for everyday use. 


Unless...he wants something more portable. 


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Denon D1001 are a pretty good choice if you liked the sound of Beats. They have a similar sound signature, but more refined. They aren't amazing for portable use because you will leak some sound, but I think you'd be highly satisfied with their sound.

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Yeah I've seen the MS1s they are hideous. The M50s say they are for monitoring so I didn't know if they would be good for everyday listening. And yes portability is a factor. Or I may just wear them around my neck like the cool kids.
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I've never heard the M50, but they are highly recommended around here for their rather clean sound and strong bass. They have them at Guitar Center where I'm sure you could demo them if you'd like.

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I mean the beats sounded ok to me but I had nothing to compare them to. I liked them more for the style and comfort.
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yeah, M50.

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Another vote for M50. I haven't heard them myself but as mentioned by keanex they are highly regarded hp's(especially for their price range).

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M50s would be a good choice indeed. For less money and still quality headphones as well, you could get a pair of AKG K518DJ, much more portable than the M50s and better looking IMO.

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M50 or SRH750dj. Both are great sounding, the shure's are more bass emphazised IMO. 

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Grado SR80


read the reviews from owners:



i'm also really liking my Shure SRH440s

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What about the Sennheiser hd  25--II, they are built like a tank and are easy too drive too.

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If you choose to buy the M50, make a trip to a Guitar Center to try them out first.

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A little over my budget

The hd 25 ii that is
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