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<$150 In-Ear choices

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Hi all,


I have been doing a fair bit of research lately into buying a new set to replace my Alessandro MS1’s that I’ve had for few years now.

They have served me fantastically but I’m now travelling via train to work and being open ended, it just doesn’t work. I also listen to music quietly through one ear at work where both ears is ‘inappropriate’.


So anyways, my research has led me to a point where I have a few ideas but not enough intimate knowledge of in-ears to really make a decision I will sit happy with.


I listen to everything from acoustic Rodrigo Y Gabriela, to Black Sabbath, to Breakbeats, to Soul, to anything basically….


The options I have come up with at this stage are as follows:


Shure SE215 – great sound isolation and probably great for some of my metal music and heavier bassier stuff.

VSONIC GR07 – great all around sound but I’ve heard a few reviews mention issues with sibilance. Not sure what to make of this.

MEELECTRONICS CC51 – love the look, great reviews and seem to really put a lot of effort into a balanced sound similar to the GR07 but no mention of any sibilance issues from what I can find. The iPhone option also seems appealing.

MEELECTRONICS A151  - probably not as solid bass as the CC51 above but their website seems to rate them as better? Bit of confusion around these as a comparison to the CC51’s.


These are really the 4 that have caught my attention at this stage. Similar price range. I guess the VSONIC’s are a bit more for the really learned in-ear fans and less for someone looking for the safety of a big brand purchase. However I am not a sucker for brand name, I just want quality at an affordable price.


Primary use is iPod, iPhone.

Happy to take other suggestions with maybe a summation of why they are better or a wiser choice.


Thanks to you all,


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I have owned/heard a lot of $150 and under iem's in the last 5-6 months and currently own the se215 and a151 and own the allesandro ms1's.   IMO the best sound quality under $150 is a used triple fi off of the buy/sell boards...I got mine for $120 basically new and love them.  That being said, I have no fit issues with them and think they are just fine comfort wise.  Other options that I have personally heard...RE0's(properly amped these sound a lot like the ms1 to me)brainwavz m1 and m2, fischer eterna and monster turbine at the refurb or amazon special price.  I do favor bassy, musical, non analytical sound signatures and don't listen to anything technically no trance or metal.  Another option that I looked at but haven't heard is the phonak pfe line...people seem to love them and you can fine-tune your sound. Some people think the imetal 590 sounds very grado-like.   Be sure and check out joker and clios' excellent iem reviews/roundups and try to find some that match your musical likes and what you think you like sound sig-wise.  Hope that helps


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oh and welcome to head-fi...sorry about your wallet ;)

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Thanks for that!

will check out some more reviews.... and hopefully a few more people give some other opinions as well.


Will definitely add a review into this thread for what i get!

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